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TINC - Accelerator Program


TINC - Accelerator for Nordic Tech Startups

”It’s a mind-blowing, inspirational journey that every start-up aiming for global success should make. TINC gives you the mindset, the know-how and the playbook you need to reach the stars.”

-Philip Siberg, Coala Life, TINC Fall 2017

Are you a Nordic tech startup looking to scale globally?

TINC is an intensive 4-week accelerator program to validate your product/market and business model fit and potential for global scale in the most competitive startup environment in the world.

Apply to TINC and join us in Silicon Valley where you will work with world-class mentors and learn how to attract customers, partners and investors.

Contact: Ase Pettersen Bailey, Program Director TINC

applications for tinc fall 2019 open!


TINC Fall 2019

Application deadline: June 10th.

Interviews: June 13-20.

Selection of companies by: June 24.

Kick off Oslo: September 5 and 6.

Program dates Silicon Valley: October 14 - November 8.

What does the TINC program offer?

Workshops and pitch training - Get the chance to work through the challenges your start-up is facing with others. Learn how to rig your business for long-term rapid growth. You will receive help in validating your technology and business model in this highly competitive market. Practice your skills in pitching your business-ideas to peers and venture capitalists alike.

Mentoring - You will meet weekly with our top mentors, and advisors from Silicon Valley. During both group and individual sessions our advisors and mentors share their knowledge to help your start-up accelerate and grow. 

Office space in Silicon Valley - Share our workspace together with other Nordic startups at the Nordic Innovation House. Become a part of a dynamic and thriving community in Silicon Valley. This is the most innovative tech region in the world, and the center of the global tech industry, world class universities and the greatest concentration of venture capital in the world.

Meet potential customers, partners and Investors - Participate in workshops, conferences, meet-ups and networking events. Meet other startups and industry players. Strengthen your network and build valuable connections and relationships. We will assist you in arranging meetings with relevant business contacts. 

“TINC brought us to the most competitive startup scene in the world. By giving us access to the best lecturers, world class business contacts and a silicon valley mindset, we are now equipped to become a globally scalable business.“

– Håvard Bjor, CEO Sweetzpot

See the outline of the 4-week TINC program based on previous programs here


Who is TINC for?

Your start-up is a good fit for TINC if most of these descriptions fit you: 

·        Nordic technology company, working on a real problem for which you have a solution

·        Nordic technology startups with global potential and ambitions

·        Strong entrepreneur team with the skills to succeed. Driven, open to learn, humble and able to execute

·        High potential and scalable business

·        Desire to engage the Silicon Valley mindset, to learn and to build valuable relationships

·        Founding and/or C-level teams. We recommend two people from each company

What is the right timing for TINC?

Your start-up is ready for TINC if most of these descriptions fit you: 

·        You have momentum and traction in your local market

·        You have a product to work with: minimum MVP or prototype

·        Your company has the basic financing in place and is in a sound situation where you are able to validate and follow up from the program

·        You have the possibility to take four weeks in Silicon Valley to focus on supercharging your business and preparing yourself and your company for long-term sustainable growth.

What you should expect?

·        A reality check and mind changing experience

·        To be challenged in a way you have never been before

·        To validate your technology and business model in a highly competitive market

·        Mentoring from World Class mentors

·        Expanding your network and building valuable relationships

·        To never be the same again! 

What we expect

·        That you make the most out of the program

·        That you participate. Show up for workshops, participate, give input and feedback and make each other good

·        That you listen, learn and are open to input and feedback and further development

·        That you work actively with what you learn

·        Network! Silicon Valley is all about Serendipity & Network effect

·        “Silicon Valley is a mindset not a location”: Work hard – play hard!

Main takeaways from our alumni

·        Focus, focus, focus

·        Prioritizing based on metrics and experimentation

·        Speed – pivoting and growth scaling

·        The mindset of iterating and relearning, use the trial and error forward approach

·        Getting outside the bubble and learning how tough the competition can be

·        Time to think and reflect

·        Learning from insight into the ecosystem of Silicon Valley and the mindset

·        Think bigger. Make smaller incremental changes. Start with why

·        People - contacts. With concrete outcome. Presentation material. Pitch deck. Practical tools and US mindset. US presence - perspectives on presence and funding

·        “The impact you get during the four week program, is the impact you would get from two years back home”

“Silicon Valley is a great place where mentors and friends of TINC will engage you as an early company and try to help and give ideas and even advice. It's your job, as founders, to figure out what advice to implement. Only you know your team, your customers, your business.”

- Scott Barclay, TINC mentor since 2013


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