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Valley Nordic - Podcast by Chander Chawla and Arne Tonning

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Tune into the Silicon Valley mindset with Arne Tonning, a Norwegian Venture Capitalist and investor in residence at Nordic Innovation House, and Chander Chawla, a Nordic-minded Silicon Valley entrepreneur, by listening to their podcast “Valley Nordic”.

The podcast is a free flowing conversation about culture, technology, and startup life. You will get four different perspectives from the podcast i.e. entrepreneur and venture capitalist; Silicon Valley and Nordic Countries.

episode one - Valley Nordic: A New Podcast

Episode two - UBER, LYFT, And Berkshire Hathaway

episode three - Facebook Blockchain And Startup Operations

episode four - B2B vs. B2C, Hardware vs. Software, Nordic vs. Silicon Valley

episode five - Zoom; Product Market Fit; AI & VR/AR

Episode six: StitchFix, Marketing, Blockchain, and Autonomous Systems