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REACH - Incubator Program

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Applications for REACH 2019-2020 are open now!


Who is REACH for?

Nordic research-based startups or spin-out projects, typically from universities and research institutes that have: 

  • Active founding team members

  • International ambitions

  • Unique technology

  • Focus that fits the Silicon Valley ecosystem

What does the REACH program offer?  

A way for you to target, accelerate and de-risk the execution of your startup or commercialization project. During the program you will identify, define and validate the path to realizing your technology’s commercial potential, sharpen your value proposition and pitch, and expand your professional network. You will work on your own start-up or project, while learning new ways of working.

The program has three main dimensions:

  • Workshops on various topics and themes for building a startup

  • Mentoring

    • Horizontal – generic startup topics

    • Vertical – specific to your industry/market – each team will get a dedicated “vertical mentor”

  • Meetings with external stakeholders for validation, such as customers, partners, investors and experts.

 What should you expect from the program?

  • Focused high-quality agenda to facilitate your work

  • Access to relevant experts and resources

  • Availability to your needs and assistance to the best of our ability 

 What do we expect from the participants?

  • It is up to you as a participant to make your own luck – i.e. “hustle” to make it happen. You are the one ultimately responsible for your results. 

  • Show up for workshops, mentor meetings and external meeting on time.

  • Push/drive us and the mentors to help you. We are here to support you on your mission.

  • Help and challenge each other.

 What is the right timing for REACH?

Pre- or post-company establishment. Your technology should be validated from a technical perspective. The thrust of the program is customer discovery and validation with a view to set the direction of your startup from a commercial and product perspective. The ideal timing is somewhere in the journey from technology to product. I.e. early is good. 

What do some of the alumni say?

REACH broke our business plan in pieces and threw it in the trash. We learned to make more specific and actionable plans with a bigger vision.”

“We are happy to say that we have signed an investment agreement with 3 different VC – and angel-funds. We would never have landed this agreement in Norway alone. This is a direct consequence of REACH!”

“The team at the Nordic Innovation House is incredibly professional and devoted to helping companies succeed. They are approachable and effective in giving advice on any topic I asked about. We got some of the best feedback on our business through their network and introductions.” 

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