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Sustainable Energy

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Nordic Innovation House is launching an initiative to support Nordic companies working with sustainable energy solutions to connect with the innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley. The Nordic countries are global leaders in developing new and innovative energy solutions for the future, including but not limited to recycling, renewable energy, smart cities, and energy efficiency.

We have partnered with the American Energy Society in order to strengthen the bridge between the US and the Nordics. This Partnership strengthens the relevant local network for Nordic Innovation House and widens opportunities for the Members in the Nordic energy community by providing greater access to experts, support, and resources they need to keep at the forefront of new developments in sustainable energy.

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Nordic strengths

Nordic countries are at the forefront of developing innovations towards a fossil free societies. Our experience in geothermal energy, clean hydro power, and focus on recycling, to name a few, provide valuable opportunities for collaboration in the US.

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Jonathan Refstrup