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Nordic Innovation House is launching an initiative to support Nordic companies interested in tapping into the innovative ecosystem in Silicon Valley. Beginning in 2019 we will offer a series of panel discussions and blog posts with local experts on the most relevant topics for companies looking into setting up a presence in this innovation cluster. The main challenges for companies and topics we will tackle include:

  • Setting up a Corporate Innovation Hub: choosing location, forming a team, and setting up a strategy

  • Evaluating performance and setting up a good governance system

  • Knowledge transfer between the home base and the outpost

  • How to be a part of innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley: credible presence, paying it forward, and serendipity

  • Potential reasons for failures and future trends in Corporate Innovation trends

We will also continue offering our services to Nordic companies through our Corporate Membership, and by supporting Executive Innovation Excursions to Silicon Valley by offering tailored sessions and programs for Nordic delegations.

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Epicenter for innovation

Silicon Valley is continuing to be the most significant innovation ecosystem globally. It is a home base for cross-network collaboration between universities and research institutes, for the world's most innovative technology companies attracting talented researchers, open-minded innovators, and venture capitalists, all in close proximity.

Corporate Innovation Hub

Physical set-up dedicated purely to support a company's innovation strategy with a carefully chosen mission and respectively planned activities. It has long-term goals and specific targets. These hubs track new technologies, companies and disruptive business models, and feed the home organizations’ development activities to accelerate new product/business development, and to respond to opportunities and threats.