Accelerator for Nordic Tech Startups


TINC Silicon Valley is an intensive 4-week accelerator program for Nordic tech startups. The program is designed to validate your business model and product market fit for global scale with reduced risk, time and cost.


Learn how to attract customers, partners and investors:
— Step out of your comfort zone and into the heart of Silicon Valley through this mind changing experience

Our program offers
- Workshops
- Mentoring
- Pitch Training
- Networking
- Office Space at Nordic Innovation House

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Ase Pettersen Bailey

Innovation Norway
Program Director TINC Silicon Valley
Industry Specialist ICT & Health

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TINC is a fantastic playground to meet potential customers, partners, investors and we got loads of insightful mentoring
— Susanne Hannestad, Executive Chairman at Zwipe
TINC is the gateway to the unique environment in Silicon Valley, and with wonderful mentors and workshops it lifts your business to an entirely new level. We had never been where we are today without TINC.
— Nicolaj Broby Petersen, Dirtybit


TINC Fall 2016 took place from October 24 to November 18 with kick-off in Oslo in September.

TINC Spring 2017 takes place from April 24 to May 19 with kick-off in Oslo in March.

We are now accepting applications for TINC Spring 2017

Deadline for applications is January 10. Please contact us if you have any other inquiries.

I got loaded with inspiration and knowledge, a true experience of a lifetime!
— Terje Sørbø, Stiftio

What can you expect?

  • Becoming part of a dynamic and thriving community in Silicon Valley and at Nordic Innovation House
  • Meeting potential customers, partners and investors
  • Validating your technology and business model in a highly competitive market
  • Mentoring from world-class advisors
  • Meet other startups and industry players
  • Pitch training
  • Strengthen your network and build valuable connections and relationships
  • Assistance in arranging meetings with relevant business contacts
  • Workspace together with other Nordic startups in Silicon Valley for 4 weeks
  • Attend conferences, meet-ups and networking events

Why Silicon Valley?

  • Silicon Valley is the most innovative tech region in the world
  • The origin and the center for most global tech companies
  • Rich talent pool from all over the globe
  • Major universities and research centers
  • It has the greatest concentration of Venture Capital
  • Known for its inspiring "pay it forward" culture
The most insightful and targeted approach towards Norwegian companies ever!
— Christian Mide, ConceptoMed AS

Are you the participant we are looking for?

The ideal TINC Silicon Valley participant will hold many of these attributes:

  • Technology based start-up working on a real problem for which you have a solution
  • High potential: we look for substantial market potential and scalable products
  • Entrepreneurial DNA: you are driven, open to learn, humble and able to execute
  • Top management and/or founding teams. We recommend two people from each company
  • You have momentum in the market/traction
  • Product to work with: minimum a demo or product prototype
  • A reason to be here: A strong desire to engage Silicon Valley to learn and to find partnerships, customers, investors and build valuable relationships and/or establish a US landing spot
  • Timing fit: the right time to take four weeks to both focus on supercharging your business but also preparing yourself and your company for long-term sustainable growth
  • Financing: Your company have basic financing in place and is in a sound situation where you are able to validate and follow up from the program
  • You have product uniqueness compared to competition

In forming our TINC programs, we not only want those attributes, but we strive to build a balanced program that cuts across industry verticals, various early stages, 1st-time and repeat entrepreneurs. We limit our sizes to ~ 10 companies per program to create the best community of collaboration.


What is the cost?

Because of the different reimbursement practices of different countries the cost for TINC Silicon Valley participation varies between countries. The exact fee information is available on the country-specific information/registration pages linked above.

The fee includes:

  • A 2-day kick off in Oslo
  • A 4-week program at Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley
  • Workshops and mentor sessions with top Silicon Valley mentors and advisors
  • Assistance in arranging meetings with relevant business contacts, investors and more
  • Hot desk at Nordic Innovation House together with other entrepreneurs from the Nordic region
  • Networking events and conferences

Travel, accommodation, insurance and living expenses during your stay are not included and are to be paid by the participants. Each company can send more than one participant, but every participant is required to pay the participation fee.  
NOTE: this program is subsidized, and the fees represent only a portion of the total cost of the program.

For Kahoot! it was a huge reality check to get out of London and Oslo to test our products on the world’s most important market. Also, being away from day to day routines gave us another perspective that enabled us to focus on the things that really mattered. TINC was a catalyst for us making the right choices regarding market, users and what needed to be created to make this something that could really take off.
— Johan Brand, Co-Founder and CEO, Kahoot!
Nordic Startup Awards 2015 - Best Accelerator Program Norway

Nordic Startup Awards 2015 - Best Accelerator Program Norway

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