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Nordic Game Changer Program

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The Nordic GAME CHANGER program is a series of learning journeys supporting the Nordics in finding the right business model that can leverage the possibilities of new game changing technologies. 

As we have migrated from the industrial age to the digital age, the ability to digitalize and adapt to the use of technology is vital for a sustainable and competitive business model. Today, we have the ability and skills to implement technology and use it, but do we know how to apply it to adapt to the future or shape it? In other words:

  • How do we apply digital technologies accurately to create value - now and in the future? 

  • What business model do we need to meet the needs of consumers in the digital age?

Nordic Innovation House-Silicon Valley together with Innovation Center Denmark is setting up a program for you to learn about game changing technologies in Silicon Valley and how your business can benefit from adopting new innovative solutions. Sign up to our next program coming up this November 2019.

Contact for further questions: Sophia Grane Schroeder,


Learning journey in Silicon Valley

November 4-9 2019

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Game changing technologies are creating an unavoidable technical shift and the Nordics must focus on staying ahead in the game.

This program gives you concrete input, inspiration and international network for implementing game changing technologies for corporate innovation in your business.

A unique opportunity powered and subsidized by Nordic Innovation House-Silicon Valley, making the program exclusively available to the Nordics for the reduced price of USD 3,000 ex. VAT.

See further details about the agenda below, and connect with your country manager to join in.

NORWAY: Gro Eirin Dyrnes:

DENMARK: Sophia Grane R. Schroeder:

FINLAND: Paula Salomaa:

SWEDEN: Rickard Mosell:

A GAME CHANGER is a visionary product (or person), which causes a change in the development of a market within a certain category. The ability to apply game changing technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, fintech, AR & VR compares to using cars for optimized speed; with it follows a new kind of optimization, and new customers, products, services and value emerge. This calls for a new way of working and managing as frameworks, norms and reality change. 

Nordic Innovation House-Silicon Valley gives Nordic companies from startups to corporations a head start in the most relevant global innovation hubs. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, downtown Palo Alto, we offer our Members office space, meeting rooms and strongly connected community to support you hit the ground running.

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