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Creating a new paradigm within HealthTech

By Karina Sem Glømmi, Intern at Innovation Norway San Francisco & Silicon Valley


Amazing things are happening in the health sector. Much because of knowledge, but mostly because of the significant developments in technology. It is no secret that the world of healthcare has changed over the last hundred years. Things have improved; new discoveries have been made. Today we use CT-machines and MRI daily, we treat patients with human genome, artificial livers and mechanical prosthesis.

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Nevertheless, challenges remain. Over 30% of all global deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases, and there has been an 89% increase in deaths due to Alzheimer’s between 2000 and 2014. The Nordics are forerunners in creating quality healthcare and solutions in healthtech, and Nordic Innovation House, together with HealthTech Nordic, are bringing the latest innovations to Silicon Valley.

We set up a third annual program for Nordic healthtech startups ready to launch in the US. During the program the participating companies got access to experts who helped them understand the realities of the US healthcare market and figure out their go-to-market strategy. The companies got opportunities to present at the annual Health 2.0 conference and make connections with potential partners and customers. The companies who participated this year were:

Adusso makes it easier to deploy multi-million information systems in healthcare. Our solution saves time and money while traditional approach causes compromised productivity for years and tens of extra millions to be spent.

Brain+ is an award-winning health technology company specializing in digital therapeutics for neurorehabilitation of cognitive functions using neurogames and gamified behavioral therapy.

Coala Life is on a mission to win the battle against cardiovascular disease. We digitize the heart by the power of the individual, and use intelligent algorithms to help predict and prevent heart disease.

Dossier Solutions is digital competence management for health systems.

Globus AI offers a predictive maintenance application for IoT connected medical devices to ensure continuous delivery of high quality care. Other relevant applications for the healthcare sector include workforce management and route optimization.

PainDrainer develops advanced artificial intelligence platforms for self-management of Chronic Pain, which affects over 100 million individuals in the US today.

Marianne Larsson, Director of Innovation at Innovation Skåne: “Every time we go to the US I am afraid that we are going to discover that we are behind. This year, again, we realize that the Nordics are building the new paradigm in healthcare and the startups really position themselves. They are like rock stars here. We have been on this conference; Health 2.0 – where we can see the early adopters of the world with new converting technologies and life science trying to build a paradigm. Over and over they are astonished by the Nordic startups. We from the Nordics should be proud. We rock!”

Tor-Håkon Hellebostad, CFO & Co-Founder at “We have been a part of this amazing program for the last week. It started with coaching from awesome mentors within pitching, board line investor sales and sales practice. Creating that framework for how we can scale quicker and create value for our customers. The fact that we have shared the experience with 5 other Nordic health companies has been super valuable. Observing startups that are further along than us has been a great experience.”

The Nordic healthcare companies are leading the new paradigm within healthtech. Does your company have a great product and is ready to sell in the US market? Join our network in Silicon Valley and get in touch with HealthTech Nordic to see how we can support you in your journey.