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Experiencing TINC - with Hefring Marine, 50Skills and Eatit

By Karina Sem Glømmi, Intern at Innovation Norway San Francisco & Silicon Valley

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It is the end of week three of TINC Fall 2018! After two weeks filled with intense, challenging, confusing, inspiring workshops and mentor meetings, the participants had this week to catch up on all the things they have learned and all the advice they have gotten so far.

To decide what path to take might not be easy when the mentors give you different advice - or what we call “mentor whiplash”. But from what we have heard it has all helped them get a greater degree of clarity. The third week was dedicated to external meetings with potential partners, customers, investors and industry experts as well as more mentor meetings. Even though the participants had more time on their own they were busier than ever.

As we are gearing up for the last week of TINC Fall 2018, below you can read more on how three of the participating companies describe the program so far:

Karl Birgir Björnsson and Kari Logason, Co-Founders of Hefring Marine

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Hefring Marine is founded to enhance safety and reduce the risk of operation on high-speed boats. Hefring Marine records data on vertical accelerations experienced on boats, along with engine, weather and other data, and gives both the operator and fleet manager insights into current and expected conditions. All data is collected centrally in a cloud server. They have made a usable prototype which is in use in several boats in Iceland primarily to record data for further development. While they are focused on safety in the near term, the primary value is the mass of data they will gather, in an industry with an abundance of data that is not being utilized to its capacity today.  

Describe the first week in three words: Engaging, educational, inspirational.

The most valuable input you have gotten so far: We have gotten great feedback on the product. All the mentors in the program and people that we have had meetings with outside of the program have challenged the way we see the product developing. Got us thinking what are the biggest challenges and opportunities for Hefring and what is the best way to take it forward.

The highlights from the first three weeks: All these great mentors and speakers have helped us to identify what we need to focus on to take the company forward without wasting time on things that are not worth thinking about now. Also, in a very short span of time, you meet very high caliber people that would take you a year to assemble and get feedback from back home. The quality of the people you meet is very high.

Advice to companies thinking about applying to TINC:  It is definitely worth the investment. Go for it!

Kristjan Kristjansson, CEO of 50Skills


50skills helps employers to qualify, hire and onboard candidates in real-time.

Describe the first week in three words: Lots of Energy!

The most valuable input you have gotten so far: Pitching to dozens of different people has been a tremendous data-point exercise that helped us choose which path to take.

The highlights from the first three weeks: The TINC one-on-one sessions with experienced, well-connected mentors in the Valley was a big door opener for us.  Good things happened. We just didn't know how, when or where. Silicon Valley is serendipitous. Embrace it.

Advice for companies thinking about applying to TINC: Serendipity is the process of finding something useful, valuable or just generally “good” without actually looking for it. TINC accelerates whatever you have in mind doing in Silicon Valley.

Theresia Silander Hagstrom and Oytun Yildirimdemir, Co-founders of Eatit


Eatit is the digital dietitian that combines the food you want to eat with the food you need to eat. They take a scientific approach to health and nutrition to optimize your wellbeing. Eatit screens your blood as a doctor and dietitian would do, and combine it with your other health data to reveal insights about you.

Describe the first week in three words: Intense, confusing and fun

The most valuable input you have gotten so far: Think big, go hard, and embrace failure. Input about features and customer segmentation.

The highlights from the first three weeks: The sessions with mentors and realization of the magnitude of energy and funds that go into companies within our space.

Advice to companies thinking about applying to TINC: We’ve seen a lot of Incubators, mentors, and accelerators back home in the Nordics, but TINC is the next level. So, just do it, you won't regret it.

We at Nordic Innovation House are excited to follow and share the journey of all the nine startups in the TINC program; next week you will be able to read about three of the other startups in the program.

Are you interested in joining the program in Silicon Valley? 

Learn more about the TINC Program here.

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