Are you a Nordic creative tech startup looking to scale globally? 

 Apply to join us in New York where you will work with world-class experts and learn
how to attract customers, partners and investors! 
in the program, you will get:

  • Six months follow-up

  • Three months membership with a desk at Nordic Innovation House in New York

  • Two days kick-off in Oslo

  • Two-week bootcamp in New York

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who can participate?

The Fall 2018 Program is targeted at companies in Creative & Cultural Industries (CCI) with a strong technology and/or digital component, including but not limited to gaming, design-tech, fashion-tech, film, music-tech, ad-tech, media-tech, TV and radio or technological solutions for visual or performing arts.

If your company fits in these categories, you have serious global growth ambitions, innovative products or services, a team of talented entrepreneurs, and a desire to increase your knowledge and competence to further develop and grow your business, this program is for you!


The Entrepreneurial Marketing Program lasts for a total of 8 months and kicks off with two days in Oslo. Two months after the kick off, the selected companies will gather in New York for a two-week bootcamp, to work with top experts in branding, sales, digital marketing, messaging, and PR. A follow-up period with video hangouts will go on for another six months after the New York bootcamp.




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Our vision is to bring the best Nordic companies with highest potential into our program. To best benefit of the program, you must:

  • be a late stage startup or in an early growth phase

  • have a product in the market, or a prototype ready to showcase

  • have a product or service that is a natural fit to the New York/Northeastern US market

  • have some initial sales or some traction already in the market (home or other markets)

  • have a financial runway to support your company at least throughout your New York stay


The application form is open until October 18th

cost of participation

The cost of participation is NOK 8,000 per company. In addition, you will have to cover your travel & accommodation costs.

Please note: while companies from all five Nordic countries are welcome to apply, and if selected, participate, the subsidized price doesn’t apply to companies from Denmark. Without government subsidy, the price of participation is NOK 20,700 (for Danish companies).




In partnership with:


more about the program

Nordic Innovation and Team Nordics in New York have joined forces to help Nordic creative
tech companies in their internationalization process.

Two days kick-off in Oslo with expert workshops and advice to set goals and prepare for the bootcamp in New York.

Two-week bootcamp in New York includes learning-days with world-class experts running workshops in marketing, branding PR, and sales. In addition, you will have one-on-one meetings that will challenge your thinking and your plans. During the doing-days you will get more time to work on deliverables from each workshop and meeting, and apply what you learned. You will also have an opportunity to attend local tech meet-ups, as well as relevant networking events. Moreover, at the end of the two weeks you will pitch to an audience of investors, media, potential clients, and partners.

Six months follow-up to help you achieve your goals.

Three months membership with Nordic Innovation House – New York, including one seat for three months at WeWork Grand Central (can be used non-consecutively in one-month long blocks).

At the end of the program you will have worked through the deliverables from each workshop, and defined clear and relevant goals for the following 6 months. 

New York City

No city in the world epitomizes sales, marketing and branding like New York City. The city is well-known for an atmosphere of strong commercial focus, and the startups and entrepreneurs that come out of here reflect that. Many of the best people in the world within PR, branding, marketing and sales live and work in NYC. We work with more than a few of them.

New York is also the fastest growing region in the US for venture capital investments, with more than $4.5 billion invested in 2014, with a 53% YoY growth. New York has produced several billion-dollar startups the last few years, and the top VC firm Andreassen & Horowitz predicts 10 new “unicorns” to come out of NYC in the next 3 to 5 years... 


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Learn about the Entrepreneurial Marketing Program (run by Nordic Innovation) for Creative and Cultural Industries (EMCCI). The goal is to help high-potential Nordic Companies internationalize and successfully scale their businesses globally with less risk. During the program they will meet and work with top experts within Branding, Sales, Digital Marketing, Messaging, and PR.
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