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7 Stages of Innovation - A Blueprint for your Startup Success

Please join NYC Startup Academy when we welcome author, entrepreneur and startup thought leader Atma Degeyndt for a frireside chat about all things startup. Atma has distilled his last 7 years helping over 100 startups achieve success into his book: "Startup Genius." Atma and I will discuss his research and learning on:

-- Why 9 out of 10 startups fail. And how he thinks founders can improve those odds with research-backed methods that WORK.

-- Why the old way to build a startup is broken, and why he believes that countless entrepreneurs are wasting time and money on the wrong things, failing to find funding and users, and giving up on great ideas simply because they don’t have a proven process to follow.

-- How he believes Founders can build a startup and stack the cards in their favor.

Check out the book -- -- and come hear from the author. We hope to see you there!

Atma Bio

A behavioral scientist and author of the book Startup Genius. Atma represents the future of startups.

He has worked as a Head of Product, Head of Marketing, Chief Entrepreneur, and Chief Innovation Officer.

He has over 10,000 hours of experience and expertise in innovation

He combines a scientific approach to the psychology of marketing and product development, with a narrative approach to creativity.

In his own words…
“I design psychological environments that engender creativity and functionality.

To do this I integrate humanity into high-performance product management.
This is my work, to loom the best ideas into physical experiences that create meaning for users.