Clicksale is an Icelandic enterprise software company offering wholesalers and distributors a complete IoT kit to enable b2b sales. With the Clicksale app any sales person can set up an IoT sales button in a matter of seconds.


Dooap is an accounts payable automation solution developed by Efima – a Finland-based growth company with a solid track record within the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. We have built a successful business in digital financial process automation to support international and local companies.


Fira is an innovative design and construction firm from Finland. Our service idea is based on a single promise: to improve and manage the building projects of our customers. 

Our service construction concept extends the traditional construction business model and allows our customers to better profit and benefit from their construction investments.




Ghostlamp provides agencies and brands with an efficient platform to launch influencer marketing campaigns, engaging real people through millions of registered influencers worldwide.

The Ghostlamp platform automates the process of finding, contracting and paying influencers giving you the power to start a movement in minutes.


No Isolation was founded in Norway in October 2015 with a single purpose: to reduce involuntary social isolation.

Our first goal is to reduce loneliness among children suffering from long-term illness. We have created the world’s first communication robot that allows children to partake in their daily life, despite their illness. Today the robot is in use in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the UK. 


We build an online platform that helps consumers to hold companies accountable in a fair and transparent way. How we are different is that companies have a fair opportunity to respond to their customers' concerns before ratings are issued. Consumers are only able to rate companies after resolution, unlike in Yelp/Google/Trustpilot et al. 


Prophylix Pharma AS is a Scandinavian biotech company headquartered in Tromsø, Norway, and the owner of its US subsidiary Prophylix Pharma Inc.

Prophylix is developing new medicines that help protect fetuses at risk against severe brain damage or death due to a rare condition called fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT).


Synergy SKY AS develops and markets software platforms that enable provisioning of high-quality integrated video communication and unified collaboration services. Synergy SKY AS is a team of experienced consultants within the video conferencing industry with many years of working for some of the leading brands in the market, such as Tandberg, Cisco and Visual Conference Group.

Unite Living.png

Unite Living is a Norway-based real estate technology platform developed by a highly motivated team of founders and accomplished angel investors and advisors, who have created a sustainable, scalable and uniquely differentiated solution to a big problem: Coordinating the process of listing and renting homes to roommate groups and then managing multi-tenant leases from start to end.


Vizor is an online platform that lets its users explore, create, and publish virtual reality on the web. Vizor is produced by Pixelface Oy, a distributed team with main offices in Helsinki, Finland, and team members in London, Singapore, and Melbourne.