Who is TINC for?

Your start-up is a good fit for TINC if most of these descriptions fit you: 

  • Nordic technology company, working on a real problem for which you have a solution

  • Nordic technology startups with global potential and ambitions

  • Strong entrepreneur team with the skills to succeed. Driven, open to learn, humble and able to execute

  • High potential and scalable business

  • Desire to engage the Silicon Valley mindset, to learn and to build valuable relationships

  • Founding and/or C-level teams. We recommend two people from each company

What is the right timing for TINC?

Your start-up is ready for TINC if most of these descriptions fit you: 

  • You have momentum and traction in your local market

  • You have a product to work with: minimum MVP or prototype

  • Your company has the basic financing in place and is in a sound situation where you are able to validate and follow up from the program

  • You have the possibility to take four weeks in Silicon Valley to focus on supercharging your business and preparing yourself and your company for long-term sustainable growth.

What you should expect

  • A reality check and mind changing experience

  • To be challenged in a way you have never been before

  • To validate your technology and business model in a highly competitive market

  • Mentoring from World Class mentors

  • Expanding your network and building valuable relationships

  • To never be the same again! 

What we expect

  • That you make the most out of the program

  • That you participate. Show up for workshops, participate, give input and feedback and make each other good

  • That you listen, learn and are open to input and feedback and further development

  • That you work actively with what you learn

  • Network! Silicon Valley is all about Serendipity & Network effect

  • “Silicon Valley is a mindset not a location”: Work hard – play hard!

Main takeaways from our alumni

  • Focus, focus, focus

  • Prioritizing based on metrics and experimentation

  • Speed – pivoting and growth scaling

  • The mindset of iterating and relearning, use the trial and error forward approach

  • Getting outside the bubble and learning how tough the competition can be

  • Time to think and reflect

  • Learning from insight into the ecosystem of Silicon Valley and the mindset

  • Think bigger. Make smaller incremental changes. Start with why

  • People - contacts. With concrete outcome. Presentation material. Pitch deck. Practical tools and US mindset. US presence - perspectives on presence and funding

  • “The impact you get during the four week program, is the impact you would get from two years back home” 

See the framework of the 4-week program here!

TINC challenged me in so many ways, and I learned a lot about myself, my role and ultimately the direction I want to take our company in. TINC makes available the mindsets and experience that propel change, and I’m very fortunate to have been part of it.
— Magnus Slørdal, CEO Headshed