AIMS is an analytics & insight cloud platform for connected applications and solutions with a focus on the complex world of integration. The AIMS platform can automatically monitor & analyze applications, solutions and transactions through APIs or through quick deploy agents that allow you to setup monitoring in 5 minutes.


Alertsec is the easiest way to ensure that any data stored on a laptop is encrypted at all times and kept secure even if the device is lost or stolen.


At Amplify we help companies move to the next level! For us its not only about giving input and advise, its about helping you get things done! We love to dive into Product definition, Go-to-market, business models, partnerships and deal making! Should you need help on how to grow the team, sourcing and operations we know a few things about that as well!


ApOn re-defines how apps are made and empowers you to harness smartphone and tablet media without the aid of programmers. It’s a powerful interactive communication platform. Apon makes App design easy and accessible for all. Anyone can design, publish and maintain an App with full creative Control using Apon. 


Arundo Analytics’ proprietary technology for asset-intensive industries uses big data and machine learning techniques to analyze your assets’ data in order to predict likely failures and improve your operations.


Atbrox is a company that helps companies solve problems using open source and our own technologies and methods from search, big data (e.g. hadoop) and cloud computing (e.g. AWS).


Our mission is to provide the world's best simulation based training solutions to help our customers reach their maximum potential.


Berge is a full-service design agency that create attractive and profitable brands through creative product development and communication services. 


Beringer Finance is one of the leading investment banking boutiques in Northern Europe focusing on M&A advisory for mid to large cap companies in the region. 


BizPart Engage is a cloud-based engagement platform which drives motivation through gamification, e-learning, social media features and competitions. let coders, architects and designers work together in a natural flow to create web applications. 


Bluestone is software company that offers the next generation of Product Information Management (PIM) solutions that will support the API driven omni-channel world of tomorrow.  The service will help our customers to sell more and faster in multiple channels.


FaceForce is specialized in protecting brand reputation on social media, by removing harmful content according to brand preference and escalating content in need of attention 24/7. Machine learning natural language processing technology combined with trained human analysts enables us to react within 8 minutes 24/7, keeping our customers' social media properties safe at all times. 


A new revolutionary marketing and communication tool based on interaction. «The missing link» between retailers and customers!


Cajo Technologies offers a new way to produce permanent markings or colour patterns on almost any imaginable material. Our patented technology is ideal for creating unique solutions, from branding and customisation to industrial marking and making your own marking services more efficient. We can provide you with fully customised and truly unique solutions to meet your needs. Try us out and see for yourself!


Civil Rights Defenders is an international human rights organisation, founded in 1982 in Stockholm, Sweden. We defend people’s civil and political rights and empower human rights defenders in Sweden and globally. 


Give your website a social makeover, engage your organization with a social network and publish to a range of social channels and websites all from one centralized solution.


Controlant offers a turn-key service for cold chain monitoring and quality control; from manufacturing, through transportation, storage and sale.


Corentium develops and manufactures radiation technology and systems for enabling early warning systems aimed at securing personal health, and for fulfilling the legal obligations of public authorities and workplaces.


Our goal is to support, guide, train and equip you with tools to build the kind of culture that will enable you to achieve your goals and move you towards your vision, while making sure that everyone on the team are enjoying the ride.


Corporater is changing the way people view enterprise performance management software solutions by placing control into the hands of business users, enabling organizations of all types and sizes to more effectively maintain organizational alignment and execute strategy.


CrayoNano AS introduces a hybrid material with unique properties. Semiconductor nanowires grown epitaxially on graphene offers excellent optoelectronic properties. 


We are a leading early stage venture capital advisory firm, based in the Nordics. Creandum funds focus is on being the first institutional backer of top entrepreneurs within consumer, software and hardware. Backer of top entrepreneurs within consumer, software and hardware. We use our extensive company building backgrounds to serve top entrepreneurs


Use Data Dwell to streamline your branding operations and centralise your digital assets. Wherever they are located, your teams and clients will thank you!


We offer Digital Business Products and Services to help Companies, Board Members and Management Teams succeed in transforming the business digitally beyond the current business scope. 


Dossier Solutions is a software company that offers Compliance and Talent Management System for customers in high-consequence industries.


Draw capital controls the management consultancy avantiadvice and holds interest in various public and private companies.


Elliptic Labs’ ultrasonic touchless gesturing transforms the way you work, play and collaborate.


Encap provides multi-factor, smarter authentication and digital signing for the enterprise and banking sectors.


eSmart Systems is developing next generation smart grid software systems. By using our solutions customers benefit from energy market price fluctuations to reduce energy consumption and climate emissions. eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international experience at operating knowledge-based and world-leading companies targeting global markets.


We are a technology friendly design company with studios in Stockholm and San Francisco. We partner with ambitious leaders who want progress – financial, structural and human. Together we learn, prototype and implement to bring the world new and amazing solutions.


ETL for Big Data.


FeedOfMe is a project, which is developing a cloud based service, where social media, news services and data from different sensors is combined with premium music services in a way that mimics radio or television broadcast.


Fieldly is a project management tool where you can easily manage both Work Orders and projects. No more lost time and no more expenses that remain uncharged.


Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing. Firstbeat technology turns heartbeat data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress and recovery. Firstbeat analytics is used by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of corporations, and millions of consumers to improve their performance and wellbeing.


Flow Insights use technology to analyse real shopper behaviour in real stores, providing objective metrics and actionable insights. Clients include retailers, manufacturers and consulting firms.


Investing in early stage growth companies that were post seed and had growth potential. 


Fuse is a tool suite that lets developers and designers work together in new and better ways. It bridges the gap between static designs and fully working native apps on all platforms.


We approach non-game app categories with addictive game ingredients in mind; making them more fun, with increased retention and monetisation. Currently Futurefly is working on a super cool, new take, on a game messaging app


Handpoint, the mobile payment experts since 1999, offer payment solutions to individuals and businesses world wide.


Companies around the world use Hansoft to manage their software development projects as they transition to become Agile Enterprises. Use Hansoft to make your strategic vision a reality amidst constant change.


CEO Huxon's HR-Monitor is a measurement software system for Chief HR Officers that functions the same way that financial software works for CFO's.  It literally takes the "pulse" of the company for HR management. Think of it like taking an MRI of a company, it lets you see what is happening inside. is a fundamentally new way for influencers and brands to connect, communicate and scale their collaborations. It's a marketplace platform with all necessary features to utilize influencer marketing - including reviews and endorsements, an easy way to communicate and manage campaigns, and a safe and predictable payment system. Our products enables influencers and brands from all over the globe to collaborate in nine different channels, including Instagram, Blog, Snapchat, Facebook, Podcast, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine and Twitter.


IntraHouse is a European software development company specializing in search and mobile technologies. Some of the world’s largest IT/Telecom companies now use our prize-winning mobile solution PocketPaper to convert their websites to a mobile format. IntraHouse can provide conversion of any website to a mobile version - either through the website itself or by applying web services. The end result is complete mobile websites - with specialized iPhone and Android apps as well.


Iperial is intellectual property rights protection for the connected world. Our approach to rights protection is fully automated, massively scalable and very secure. It protects all kinds of digital information and is designed to be able to register sensitive, secret information without compromizing privacy.


Itclarifies is a web-based analysis tool using Artificial Intelligence to assist you to clarify critical details in a wide range of business documents, such as contracts, proposals and regulations. 


Originally developed for two of the world’s largest consultancy firms, Konsus provides a supervised global workforce to aid in the quick and easy completion of virtually any office task.


Bringing you a login experience: To protect your control for privacy, To enable your freedom of identity.


Kubicam makes it easy to connect people, places and ideas.


Levo 2 specializes in software solutions that will make the Hospitality operations more efficient. The family of products and services offered are always customizable to fit into the Hotels current operations.


Our powerful technology and audio expertise will bring your two-way audio communication product to the next level.


Lookback simplifies feedback with its app recording tool for iOS, Android, and Mac. It let's you record your feedback, user experiences, and bug reports. It lets you see with the eyes of your users, where traditional mobile analytics doesn't reach. 


With ManoMotion’s unique technology (patent pending), users can grab and manipulate objects in 3D space with real-life intuitiveness as they would in the physical world. The solution does not require extra hardware.


MARSEC-XL sets out to shape the digital future of the marine industry through the application of Maritime Systems and Software Engineering.


MazeMap provides high-quality interactive indoor maps that are searchable, linkable, user-friendly and always up-to-date.


Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, Meru Health develops cost-effective and engaging digital solutions to empower people living with depression.


It’s a machine-learning based platform, it’s an algorithm and it’s a service. It’s actually about turning ongoing, unlimited access to deep insights on new disruptive technologies into a commodity within your company


Modulight provides laser solutions from system integration service to laser design and manufacturing. Modulight products come in a variety of forms ranging from laser system to computer controller laser module down to unmounted bar and chip.


MOVI is video from the future - A revolutionizing video technology enabling great experiences and interesting opportuneties for publishers, distributors and producers.


Multisense Oy is a startup company specialized in innovative solutions based on the latest human-technology interaction research and practice that create unique experiences.


Neptune provides the most cost efficient and secure way to make any SAP functionality seamlessly available in user friendly interfaces on Phone, Tablet and Desktop.


At NorSentio, our mission is to disrupt telecom and retail. Our most famous product to do so is the Free Mobile platform - enabling operators to launch free mobile subscriptions while keeping the ARPU.


Now Interact leads the field of Predictive Intelligence, using its technology to enhance the performance of online personalization and customer service for brands with a significant transactional presence online.


ONETRAFFIC is on a mission to create a game-changing traffic intelligence network and collaborative traffic community.


Pexip Infinity, the scalable meeting platform. Now you can provide everyone in your organization with their own Virtual Meeting Room at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, in a way that is as easy to use and manage as telephone or email.


QuantCell Research is a software company focused on software and services for 'Big Data and Deep Analytics'. The QuantCell product is an end-user programming environment that enables data scientist, research and analysts in business and science to build and deploy highly advanced and visually rich analytical models and applications faster and cheaper and with less reliance on IT.


Rankly is a social top list community. Create, share and discover top lists about the best stuff in life, like the best video games, movies, music, TV-series or makeup. On Rankly, anybody can create a top list, share it with their friends and see their list get ranked by friends and followers.


RestDB is a database service for powering business apps and dynamic web content. With RestDB, you create databases and APIs in minutes and you can get started for free.


Rightware® is the market leader in advanced User Interface technology, serving automotive and other embedded industries with its Kanzi® solution for rapid user interface design and deployment. 


SA Framtak: a private equity and venture capital investment advisory company emphasizing on innovation and growth companies in Iceland, serving as an intermediary between extraordinary entrepreneurial talent and private equity investors. Furthermore, SA Framtak assists with funding activities, evaluation of investment opportunities and provides management advice.


Scrimba is a new way to teach and learn code.  Interactive screencasts created in an instant.


SEB Venture Capital is the venture investment arm of SEB, a leading Nordic financial institution. We invest in the Nordics, Baltics, UK and US to build amazing services and technologies for the financial sector.


SIGMA Connectivity is an independent design house of connected devices with end-to-end R&D and production development capability. 


The best way to automate Facebook & Instagram advertising. We're a badged Facebook & Instagram Marketing Partner with the Ad Technology specialty. 


Smoltek provides a patented disruptive technology that makes it possible to grow conductive nanostructures on a substrate in a controlled way.


Smoltek provides a patented disruptive technology that makes it possible to grow conductive nanostructures on a substrate in a controlled way.


Stratsys offer digital, innovative cloud services for business management. Our products help organizations plan, do and review their business activities.


Startup hub offering a member based community and home to Sweden’s next startup stars. Provides its members with a competitive advantage through the world-class SUP46 ecosystem and is also an open meeting place for the startup scene. Only the most exciting and innovating companies are accepted as members and together we contribute to each others success.


Swarm64 delivers the benefits of real-time big-data analysis to small and big customers, enabling them to use standard SQL databases for complex analytics and high data rates.


Syncron provides global inventory management, global price management, order management and master data management software to manufacturing and distribution companies around the world.


A video API that enables developers to build new video services quickly. SYNQ provides a complete video infrastructure, from storage to content delivery, so that you can get started with just a few lines of code. The API allows for fully programmable queries and webhooks, thereby enabling an "if this, then that"-style logic — perfect for setting up advanced video workflows.


We are building a tool to channel knowledge flows in organisations as efficiently as possible.


CERN spin-off providing research institutions a cloud service to safely store and manage all digital assets. We make sure all files are stored carefully for the next decade, while making them searchable and visualizable in a beautiful interface.


Unacast is the #1 aggregator of proximity data to connect the physical world to the digital world.


Unisound is a mix & mastering suite operated by Dan Swanö.


United Sun Systems has developed a game-changing technology in solar energy and is now ready for commercialization.


Universe is launching the world’s first intranet application for Google Apps. The new app completes the Google Apps ecosystem for enterprises and challenges the position of Microsoft Office 365 in business collaboration.


Videxio is a cloud service that puts video at the heart of your organization's communication. We connect your worlds together on video using the devices of your choice, the networks of your choice and at the locations of your choice.


Viking Venture invests in growth companies with international potential, and is a very active owner. Viking Venture manages five funds with total assets under management of NOK 1.3 billion. Viking Venture invests in technology companies in oil and gas, electronics and software. The fund is located in Trondheim and Houston.


We provide system, application and user interface development for mobile, web and embedded devices. Our employees are software enthusiasts with great technical and social skills. We use agile and lean development methods. 


Vivaldi will adapt as you browse the web. A clean and modern interface to complement the content you are browsing. It’s also highly customizable – don’t like the tabs on top? Simply put them where you want, bottom, left or right.


VividPlatform is an online 3D design-to-purchase SaaS platform that enables customers of manufacturers and retailers to configure any interior content, visualize tangible design goals in real time and make a purchase with or without a salesperson – at any time.


The Floating Viewpoint™ coaching technology by Vulcan Vision is the most powerful communication tool between the coach and the athlete. Floating Viewpoint allows to float around the athlete, view the performance from any angle, and examine the details from all perspectives.


Fire protection in tunnels. Save lives, reduce injury rates, reduce costs, and help speed up the reopening process of the tunnel.


We are WDPX. X because we deliver at the intersection between startup & brand, crowd & funding, corporate & startup, and Denmark & Silicon Valley. We call it branded connections. 


WebOn is an IT company providing solutions for Product Information Management (PIM) and ecommerce.


Wirepas is focused on providing the most reliable, optimized, scalable and easy to use device connectivity for its customers. Wirepas Connectivity is a de-centralized radio communications protocol that can be used in any device, with any radio chip and on any radio band.


Xeneta is the leading ocean freight price comparison and shipping market watch index transforming the shipping and logistics industry. Xeneta's easy-to-use yet powerful reporting and analytics platform provides shippers and freight forwarders the software data they need to compare their shipping prices against the market average and the best performing rates. Xeneta's shipping index covers over 60,000 global trade routes enabling informed decisions with actionable intelligence optimizing companies' logistics procurement.


Zapflow is a power tool for professional investors purpose-built for dealflow, deal and portfolio management. It gives you more control, helps make better decisions and save you tons of time & stress.


Zero Keyboard is creating the next generation of business mobile app. We translate touch into data allowing efficient reporting and decision taking.