BizPart Engage is a cloud-based engagement platform which drives motivation through gamification, e-learning, social media features and competitions.


Kahoot! makes it easy to create, play and share fun learning games in minutes – for any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages.


Social media app designed specifically for kids.


A better day starts with taking back control of your night but new habits will never form if they are not easy to access. This is why we have created a program enabling you to sleep better, based on years of research and clinical studies. Learning to Sleep is evidence-based and uses Cognitive Bahavioral Therapy (CBT) as a method to teach you how to get the best sleep possible. The program has been tested in Sweden with a 80 percent success rate. 


Mightifier helps kids to become masters with their social and emotional skills. Teachers see more positive class atmosphere, less bullying and better focus on learning. Classmates give each other positive feedback based on strengths. Teachers support progress from their own dashboards. Easy and fun – mightifying is done in minutes!


NUITEQ has developed MultiTeach, a software suite of collaborative learning games for touch screens that is used in classrooms to empower educators to teach and helps children to learn in a more engaging and playful way.


Improving health the fun way... seriously. SidekickHealth is a social health game, engaging employees through entertaining health improvement and team building.


With Soundtrap you make music online. You can plug in your own instrument, use the software instruments available in Soundtrap or just record a song directly with your computer microphone. It's super easy! Soundtrap works on Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Linux and Chromebooks. It allows you to start, edit and collaborate on your recordings wherever you are. Everything is stored in the cloud.


We love to make children happy and we have a great passion for education. That's why we develop high quality games with an educational purpose and a focus on the common core standards.