TINC Spring 2018 - Getting into the Silicon Valley mindset!

By Ida Kleinau Anderson, Junior Vinnova Wallenberg Fellow at Nordic Innovation House

TINC-week3-1 (1).jpg

During the second week of the TINC program the companies have truly gotten into the Silicon Valley mindset! Several teams have begun conversations in the coffee shop or on the train ride to San Francisco with people that by chance have turned out to be highly relevant for their companies. DeviceRadio even got invited for a dinner in Palo Alto by locals!

The teams also had a chance to show their products for each other at a demo night. Seeing the product makes it easier to understand, which was appreciated both among the program participants and the Nordic Innovation House team. The second week of the program also included multiple workshops. Shomit Ghose talked about the difference in how funding works in the US compared to Europe. He also presented the cute and exposed reality in terms of competitors (see picture below).

Sondre Rasch, the founder of SafetyWing, shared his inspiring entrepreneur journey in Silicon Valley and participation in the highly ranked Y Combinator. On top of this, Scott Sambucci had his awaited sales workshop. He highlighted the importance of taking control of the sales process, as well as getting into the mindset of always looking forward and seeing the next steps clearly.

During the third week of the program the companies will have more time for individual meetings and mentoring. They will also start to prepare themselves for the final pitch night. We can’t wait to see their progress!

If you want to learn more about the TINC program and would like to apply for TINC Fall 2018, click below. Applications are open until May 25th!