TINC Spring 2018 kicks in!

By Ida Kleinau Anderson, Junior Vinnova Wallenberg Fellow at Nordic Innovation House


Eleven Nordic tech companies have arrived in Silicon Valley for a life changing experience: TINC Spring 2018 has begun! These hardworking and ambitious entrepreneurs from Norway, Sweden, and Iceland have taken over Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto for the 4-week long accelerator program TINC, during which they will test their product-market fit, expose themselves for feedback, and get into the Silicon Valley mindset!

Participants: AnsuR , Prepp.ioVersorMinglIPscreenerDeviceRadioLex247
MemlinPopulumGhostlamp, and Locatify.

The first week focused on the importance of talking about your product in a way that helps others understand the problem you are solving. Our talented pitch coach Nathan Gold took the teams to a journey of storytelling and talked about the importance of a clear value proposition. The Silicon Valley legend Julie Hanna shared her wisdom on different business models with SaaS products. Innovation Coach Tristan Kromer presented the teams with ideas about the focus and prioritization needed for scaling. On top of these amazing sessions the participants have spent time with our amazing mentors Sean Percival, Victor Belfor, Scott Barclay, Daniel Kjellen, and the latest addition to our core mentors Han Jin

"We could go home today and still feel that the TINC program was worth it" were the closing remarks from one of the teams on the last day of the first week. It will be exciting to see how much more knowledge and insight they will gain during the 3 weeks that are left of the program!


If you want to learn more about the TINC program and would like to apply for TINC Fall 2018, click below. Applications are open until May 25th!