"You realize how little you know"

By Kristian Rindheim, Intern at Innovation Norway San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Nordic Innovation House


Christian Ramel and Gustav Olsson, co-founders of Memlin (pictured above), have been a part of the TINC Spring 2018 program in Silicon Valley. They came here to validate their product and scale their business.    

Memlin is an enterprise solution for corporations to manage signups and participants in a quicker and more professional way. Their solution turns corporate event administration on autopilot and makes registration, ticketing, invitations, and participant management more efficient. They offer the best tools from heavy, complex event management systems made into a friendly and accessible service.

- It is a fierce competition but at the same time people are very open-minded with the mentality to help others all the time, Christian (CEO) says.

The Swedish duo based in Lund did not have too high expectations before they came to Silicon Valley because they did not know much about the program. But after some research they decided to apply. They also felt that the timing was right for them regarding the phase their company was in.  

And now, after four intensive weeks on the TINC Spring 2018, they are pleasantly happy with the outcome.

- The program has been on a higher level than we are used to, and it has been much more hands-on and practical than I expected, Gustav Olsson (CTO) says.  

Christian describes the people they have met in Silicon Valley as very skilled and knowledgeable.

- I think that the whole set up with the program is very good with the mentors and inspirational founders. It’s a mix of everything, Christian says.

Gustav agrees.

- We have met a lot of people with combined skillsets who tend to see the whole picture and they are skilled on many different topics. That impresses me. And you realize how little you know and that you need to know a lot more to stand up to the competition.

What is your advice to a company thinking of applying for TINC Fall 2018?

-Apply! I think it’s important to think about what to want to gain from the program before you come here. It is also important that your company is in the right phase, Christian says.

-You should prepare five specific questions that you want answers to and don’t expect to leave with a yes or no, but rather a spreadsheet for each question. I think it is easier when you have questions, because there are a lot of different workshops and meetings, Gustav adds.

If you want to learn more about the TINC program and would like to apply for TINC Fall 2018, click below. Applications are open until May 25th!