“You don’t really believe it until you experience it”

By Kristian Rindheim, Intern at Innovation Norway San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Nordic Innovation House

 Christian Klemetsson

Christian Klemetsson

“You don’t really believe it until you experience it” 
- Christian Klemetsson, founder of DeviceRadio.

One year ago, on the all mighty thing we call Internet, Christian Klemetsson was searching for accelerators in the Silicon Valley area. Eventually he found his way to be a part of the TINC Spring 2018 program at Nordic Innovation House.

- The one key thing is to establish a network with potential partners, customers and also future investors.

Christian is the founder of DeviceRadio, a company that fills the competency gap in the IoT world by making it possible for existing developers to create IoT devices faster, simpler and at a lower cost.    

What made you apply?

- Silicon Valley is an area where everyone wants to show his or her presence. I think an accelerator is a good way to learn about the local ecosystem and get to know how the area is. For me the timing was right to come here.  

This is not the first time Christian attends to an accelerator program however; DeviceRadio was a part of the E.ON agile Nordic in Sweden, and the first external company in that accelerator. According to Christian it has been interesting to see the differences between the two countries considering Silicon Valley is the main source of accelerator culture.

- Even with the same mythology, course material and structure, the execution and the mindset are totally different.

What do you think of the culture and the ecosystem in Silicon Valley?

- I’m pleasantly surprised, especially about the mindset. In Sweden we think more with an industrial mindset – how to execute and how to build something big. But here in Silicon Valley they think: How can we build something that everybody can use?  

 What has been the most valuable part of the program so far?

- I think it is all the workshops and events together, because all of the mentors come with a new perspective. I think it is the combination of perspectives and to see where it all lands. I am really impressed with the quality level.

What is your advice to the company who is thinking about joining the program?

- If they have a global ambition they need their presence here. I think for a Nordic company the TINC accelerator is the best way to get into the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about the TINC program and would like to apply for TINC Fall 2018, click below. Applications are open until May 25th!