Nordic Countries Launch Nordic Innovation House – New York

By Katja Kotala, Community Coordinator at Nordic Innovation House and

Silve Parviainen, Director at Nordic Innovation House - NY


Inspired by the success of Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley, the Nordic countries will launch a new initiative, Nordic Innovation House – New York. Supported by Nordic Innovation and Nordic Council of Ministers, this initiative aims to build and strengthen a bridge between the Nordics and the United States.

New York has become the second largest startup ecosystem in the world, and the community grows faster than anywhere else. With the industries in need of technological innovations and headquarters wanting to explore lean and nimble solutions, the hyphen-tech environment is very attractive for Nordic innovators. New York has invested strongly in infrastructure-advancing technology entrepreneurship, and is a welcoming and inspiring environment for an immigrant entrepreneur.

The mission of Nordic Innovation House – NY is to support and bring to fruition the full potential of Nordic innovators. The NY location offers a program that includes providing the companies with guidance, and helping in growth strategies, connecting the entrepreneurs with valuable resources and networks. To help support the full potential of participating Nordic companies, Nordic Innovation House – NY matches the companies with strong mentors and advisors. 

As young innovative companies often find their homes in shared work spaces and flexible office arrangements, Nordic Innovation House – NY is  located at WeWork in Midtown Manhattan. The companies and entrepreneurs participating in the program need to claim their work space there at WeWork Grand Central or at any other WeWork location in the city.

The Launch of Nordic Innovation House – NY takes place on September 20, 2017. The launch event will feature high-level representation from all five Nordic countries taking the stage to pitch unique Nordic ideas to a New York audience. The Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende, will discuss how lessons learned from harvesting natural resources in remote areas can be applied to new, high-tech areas. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström of Sweden will highlight how an open and egalitarian society leads to innovations. 

Finland’s Kai Mykkänen, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development and the Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs, Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson will talk about how excellent and free public education creates a platform for innovations and is further supported by an open, trust-based working culture, and how an environmentally conscious approach to using (natural) resources has resulted in efficiency and new innovations, respectively. The session is concluded by Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen, who will describe how the innovative design thinking in the area is rooted in the Nordic traditions and values.

Moreover, the Secretary General at the Nordic Council of Ministers, Dagfinn Høybråten will be officially opening the Innovation House, the mission of which is strongly supported by the Council of Ministers. “Innovation and creativity are among the core Nordic values, and the Nordic Council of Ministers is glad to support Nordic Innovation House in New York. We hope your work will offer Nordic innovative talents a gateway to new networks and opportunities.”

In addition to a long history of mutual collaboration, the Nordic countries share a unique blend of strong engineering, design, and business culture. Their small, technically savvy local markets are a great test bed before going global. Many exciting, high-quality entrepreneurs and companies have come out of the area, including Spotify, Klarna, Supercell, Rovio, CCP, Össur, Bright, Kahoot, Skype, Trustpilot, Endomondo and Zendesk. The strong ecosystem is bound to create more success stories in the future.

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