Summary - May 2015

Silicon Valley is still hot, bursting and dynamic, but this month we were all reminded of life's brittleness.
The Apple Watch is probably the hottest watch on the market right now. Did you know that the Apple Watch project was codenamed Gizmo and began in 2011, and that nearly 1 million Apple Watches were sold (preorded) on the first day?….

What probably shocked us most this month was the death of the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg was the chief executive of SurveyMonkey and husband of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. He died of head trauma on vacation. Mr. Goldberg was remembered at a memorial service at Stanford University. So sad, we send our condolences.

At the Nordic Innovation House the rows of desks have been packed. 11 companies and 22 entrepreneurs attending the TINC program have spent 4 weeks working, and learning together…. And they all were celebrated at the TINC graduation!

TINC won “Best Norwegian Accelerator Program” at the Nordic Startup Award 2015. In the finals in Finland, we were beaten by Startup Reykjavík. A Big Congratulation to Startup Reykjavik! Also a big congrats to all our fabuolus startups who won different prises. See the full list of “Grande Finale Winners" here

Among workshop, mentoring and meetings with keep people and companies, the TINCers met Nordic founders Jostein Svendsen of Wevideo and Espen Sivertsen of Type A machine and Stina Ehresvärd from Yubico. You can read more about the experiences from TINC in our recent blog, here

Silicon Valley is not only inspiring for startups though. This month we had Olympiatoppen and two of the world’s best snowboarder and ski cross athletes visiting. They look into how top athletes, artists and entrepreneurs can learn from each other to continuously increase their performance. Top inspiration for all of us!

Bridge organizations from around the world look to the Nordics for our cross border collaboration. This month we had members of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade visiting us to gain insights about our Nordic Collaboration and better understand how five countries can work closely together to promote and support Entrepreneurship and Innovation!

Further the large corporations scout to Silicon Valley and Nordic startups, this month represented by Norgesgruppen, Buypass, BankAccept, Knowit and Norsk Tipping. Besides hearing about the Silicon Valley culture and what Innovation Norway and Nordic Innovation House is doing, they met our startup, Flow Insights.

Do you follow our blog at the Nordic Innovation House website? We blog about topics of interest to startups, e.g. a step-by-step guide about VC funding. In the latest article about: “How to approach Venture Capitalists”, we provide early-stage technology companies with a brief explanation on what you may expect following your first VC meeting and how you can move forward…. Read our blog: Nordic Innovation House Blog

Welcome aboard all new startups that have joined us recently:

Now Interact
SA Framtak
Zero Keyboard

Tind Technology
Carbiotix AB
Greater Than
Flow Insight
Coworking Hotel
Nameless Corp


Yes, this is amazing. We have reached a hundred Nordic Tech startups in our portfolio. We are happy and proud to see how you contribute to the Nordic Tech success, and honored to be a part of your journey. 

Last but not least we would like to invite you to our Summer Party. This will be something extraordinary, so Save the Date; June 25th…. Music, summer and launch of a Swedish startup SoundTrap. You will receive a complete invitation in you inbox later this week.

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Live well and laugh often!