Humas of Nordic Innovation House: Tatsuki Tomita

“It’s not like a walk in the park, but if you have the right ideas, you are willing to work really hard, are passionate about your ideas and you think that you can convince one or two people that that idea could change the world, then you definitely have opportunities here. I think that’s the thing, it really becomes more of a search job than a convincing job. There’s somebody out there that really actually believes in your idea, of course assuming that’s a right idea. Maybe the first people you talk to may not really get it, but maybe the next guy will think it’s great. You may not even really have to convince them at that point. You just need to find one or two of those guys.”

Tatsuki Tomita is the co-founder of our Member company Vivaldi. Founded by the creators of Opera and with already over 3 million downloads, Vivaldi web browser lets you do things your way by adapting to you and not the other way around. Learn more at #HoNIH