Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Sondre Rasch Part 2/2

“A big portion of the Nordic labor market works really well, we wanted to bring some of the good things with us. It’s things like being naively honest and very trusting, and that has real implications. For example, we don’t ask for payment information up front. A lot of people think “you’re crazy”! But no, you can trust people, even on the internet. It’s the same internally, like when people log hours it’s all based on trust and that works. Trust works. But that’s a big culture difference outside of Scandinavia. It feels like you can’t export this because you’re relying on everybody else doing it, everybody else trusting and being honest and if somebody’s cheating it breaks apart. But you can do it, at least internally in a company it’s easy, since you have these repeated interactions. So when somebody cheats you and you discover it then they’re out of the group. That’s a big incentive because people can see it pays off, then they’ll do it. It doesn’t rely on them being charitable, it just relies on them realizing its in their own self-interest. Because it’s not just one day, it’s also tomorrow.”

Sondre is the Co-Founder and CTO of our Member company KONSUS, which provides on-demand freelancers for business. Learn more at and #HoNIH