Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Sondre Rasch Part 1/2

“The biggest difference here is the tolerance for being different in all meanings of the word. Like tolerance of rebels. Norway I think has a great culture in almost every respect, we really like to bring with us Norwegian culture in the company. But one thing that’s kind of narrow in Norway is that there’s a narrow set of expectations of how to behave. In SF particular there seems to be high tolerance for making things differently and that’s conducive to innovative startups, because what happens when you do something really innovative in a narrowing culture is that the idea dies in its infancy. So it’s about ambition and expectations.In Norway we were like running in the dark, we didn’t receive any feedback. Or did, but it was too much praise, everything’s good. Maybe it’s just the non-confrontational thing. But here people know what’s good. That allowed us to really quickly upgrade a lot.”

Sondre is the Co-Founder and CTO of our Member company KONSUS, which provides on-demand freelancers for business. Learn more at and #HoNIH