Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Sindre Glaso

"Considering the size, there are so many of these big amazing companies coming out of the Nordics. Definitely we shouldn’t be ashamed of that, we have a lot of talented people, especially engineering talent. There are so many engineers in Silicon Valley who earn so much money, but are not even that special. In Nordics people tend to stick to their jobs for a longer time and have ownership to it. At least in the big picture that means more quality work, because people aren’t moving around. In the Nordics it’s also easier to get at least starting money to see if there’s a market for your idea. Where else can you go and get free money just to see if your idea could actually work? Here in the US you have much more risks compared to back home.”

Sindre Glaso worked for Innovation Norway - and for our members Creandum and Blockbonds - at Nordic Innovation House. Sindre has moved on and taken on new adventures in Singapore. We miss him!  #HoNIH