Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Ole Vidar Hestås

“Silicon Valley turned out to be more interesting than I thought actually. I thought it would be easier to get capital and harder to meet people. Turned out that you have to be more accurate to get capital, but people are really open and want to help you to reach your goals. It’s something with the air, the energy, that’s the reason things happen here! Immediately when you walk in the door at Nordic Innovation House you meet a lot of people and get connections fast. People love to help you for free, which is groundbreaking for a company. I say that if you have international potential come here immediately, don’t spend another dollar Norway! I regret we didn’t come even earlier.”

Ole Hestås is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kudos (a.k.a. Kuddle) our Member Company that has created a new photo-sharing social media app geared towards children and adolescent teens. It aims to create a safer digital environment where they can learn about and explore the ever expanding world of social media. Find out more at #HoNIH