Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Maren Lunby and Tom Hilde


“There’s some interesting ideas here that we can use in our ski jumping careers. For example, we heard from a guy who measures heart rate especially for the recovery between sessions, so you can see the stress level. That was big for us, we can use that in training. It’s very important for us to be recovered for every session in order to develop explosive force.


“What we’ve learned here, is that it’s not enough to have a great idea, it’s the execution that counts. You need to focus on the team and the people around it. Great idea will be more successful with great people.”

Maren Lundby and Tom Hilde are succesful Norwegian ski jumpers who visited us for a week. The Norwegian Olympic Committee organized the trip to Silicon Valley in order to promote knowledge exchange between top athletes and entrepreneurs, who have much more in common than one might imagine. #HoNIH