Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Katharina Paoli Brunat

“I find that people in California are more aware and interested in sustainability than other states in the USA. At the same time there’s this interesting inconsistency that people here are so conscious, for example they eat healthy, they carry their yoga mat everywhere, they give to charity and want to live sustainably. But there are homeless people in the street and they walk past them with their yoga mat under their arms being 'so conscious'. So how conscious are you? If you look at sustainability in not only being eco-friendly. You need to get people, planet and profit work together. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what is close to you.”

Katharina Brunat is the Co-founder & Chairwoman of the Board of our member A Win Win World. It is a global platform to get more action for a sustainable future. They analyze your challenges, identify innovative keys to action and help to make sure they become reality and turn into measurable results. Learn more at #HoNIH