Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Jonatan Littke

“People are generally more aggressive here in the US. They are focused on the end goal and they have bigger ambitions. It comes down to the way United States was started, you could build a better life here and people would be in charge of their own destiny. People are not expecting the society to do it for you." “I think I’m better positioned to help Sweden from here. If you are successful here Swedes ask a lot of questions, there’s more interest. Because of the internet I can share what I know and what I have learned here.”

Jonatan Littke is the Co-Founder and CEO of our Member company Lookback. Lookback is a UX research platform for building better apps and websites. It lets you capture the screen, face, voice and all the touches/clicks on a device, and then automatically upload it to your dashboard for you to view, collaborate, and share. Learn more: #HoNIH