Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Irina Gonzalez and Pablo Betancor Armas


“Everything is even better because I was really surprised by the people, how warm and open they are. I don’t know, I thought that since we all work in the same field, they would be more careful with stuff, that they wouldn’t want to share. But people talk and they will tell you their ideas just like that and they’re willing to help you and see how you can help each other, I didn’t expect that.”


“It has been a great experience because Nordic Innovation House is alive, you can be at the office and see different people during the week. Also because of the events, we get to know a lot of people, we network and learn about other businesses. We see that people come to the events even if they’re not members of the house, so the network is bigger than only the companies that are associated here. So it’s very interesting. Another advantage is that because there are different Nordic countries, the spoken language is English and therefore we can be part of everything.”

Irina Gonzalez and Pablo Betancor Armas are interns from the Canary Islands working in our Norwegian member company IntraHouse. IntraHouse creates innovative mobile solutions like One Mobile Tool, which allows people to get their app and to custom it without technical knowledge. Read more at and and #HoNIH