Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Hans Gangeskar

“One thing that Y Combinator is very pushy on, is just get stuff out there, get people to use it, then get the feedback. And that has been really valuable and I think, if we hadn’t pushed ourselves that way, we wouldn’t have worked out. It’s about having the stamina to push through all this. For some people it means picking yourself up, for other people it’s not letting all that stuff get to you. But in some form or another it’s sort of pushing through. And I think that’s very true. You sort of learn to focus on the good stuff and when it comes to the not so good stuff, you think of it as constructive criticism rather than everything falling apart. And you sort of make it actionable and see it as a challenge.”

Hans Gangeskar is the Co-founder and CEO of our member company NURX, which is currently participating in the Y Combinator accelerator program. NURX has created an online service that allows you to get your birth control delivered without going to the doctor's office. Lear more at #HoNIH