Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Gisli Olafsson and Sonja Pétursdóttir



“Silicon Valley is known for things happening through relationships, I feel that is more Nordic style than American. It is a different cultural mindset. That said, there is more competition and money here, that’s American.”


”It feels like home here. Elsewhere you would be more aware of yourself. I wouldn’t be wearing sandals to office! I feel like Palo Alto is more Nordic than many other places. The neighborhood is European-like as is the openness of people and the bike culture.”

Gisli Olafsson is a Partner and CEO of US operations and Sonja Pétursdóttir is the Office Manager of our Member Company Beringer Finance. They help entrepreneurs to internationally raise capital from value adding investors, acquire businesses to strengthen their own, and eventually plan, prepare and execute exits. Read more at