Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Emmy Hall

“As an entrepreneur you gamble your entire life. Especially here in the US, since there is no security system. This is often in conflict with the Nordic mindset, since our benefits can make us a bit too comfortable. That is basically what people want, comfort. And in places like this, without a security net, people have to make their own comfort. But I do think the Nordic mindset is valuable, because it makes us decent people and decent businessmen. But you still need to learn the Silicon Valley mindset, otherwise you won’t make it. You might make it small scale, but not big scale. That’s the mindset we have to change, we need to go global and we are better than everyone else.”

Emmy Hall just spent the last month of her internship with the Swedish team at Nordic Innovation House. She has brought joy and laughter to our daily lives and made valuable contributions in designing our outlook.  We are really going miss her presence at the House! ‪#‎HoNIH