Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Chander Chawla


"I love it! I always say that the best thing about Sweden is the people. The cultures of Nordic countries are similar and different, but the people tend to be sincere, genuine and honest. Nordics are generally good in tech, but not so much in marketing, so I can help them in basic things in that area.
"What is the model now to make money in media? People either pay for content or they tolerate ads. Through ads companies tell you to think their way and it creates a push for products. We’re turning it upside down and making people pull for the information. This is the third way to monetize."

Chander Chawla is CEO and Co-Founder of our Member Startup Ever. They have created The Ever App, which you can use to Discover and Purchase Everything Inside Videos. Since you want to know more, visit #HoNIH