Humans of Nordic Innovation House: Brooke Heckert

“I’ve worked a lot in Scandinavia, but I think I have stronger appreciation now that there’s such a strong sense of team in the community. Like the group, the whole, that is stronger than in the US, where it’s much more about the individual. Especially with our product it is so important that all three; design, commercial and tech, work together. I just think it is great, there’s such a team spirit. You’re very welcoming, inclusive and you guys are great at tech and I think very solutions oriented. Icelanders particularly I would say, more so than Scandinavians, Denmark or Finland. They just get on with it, I think maybe because their country is so small they’re very industrious.”

Brooke Heckert is the Co-Founder and CEO of our member Haelo. Haelo is the world's visual language. It is the universal, visual and instant way to express yourself & understand what one, many or millions think. #HoNIH