Guest Blog: CosyTech - The Palo Alto Experience

Ohai, So we’re (CosyTech) in Palo Alto, also known as Silicon Valley. We landed Apr 27th, and we’d like to share some of our impressions and thoughts throughout our trip.

Silicon Valley is considered the “Mecca” of startups. It’s the conclave of tech. Where the failures are the worst and successes are the greatest. Facebook, Google, Apple – they’re all here, and they’re only a small part of this world.

We came here without an agenda aside from attending and exhibiting our service at Collision in Las Vegas from May 5th to 6th, and since we were headed to Las Vegas – why not discover first-hand what Palo Alto is like, too?

In terms of Trickle, we’re still exploring which markets to penetrate whilst also trying to find the right pilot business. Ideally, we’d like to focus on the hotel industry to begin with. This makes Las Vegas a good opportunity, no?

The reason we want to explore the hotel industry is merely the diversity of demography. Our target audience isn’t set in stone, so we need to figure out what different kind of information people find difficult to discover.

One could say our agenda was quickly coming together only hours after landing. We had to make a plan – and validate it.

We were lucky to rent a nice little house nearby downtown which is both private and cosy. Considering this place is among the most expensive areas in the world, we have to admit that we came out on top.

It didn’t take many minutes after arriving, that we felt the urge to explore the area.

First thing we really noticed, eavesdropping was different. Everyone talks about startups. Everyone. Funding, innovation, G2M strategies, trending techs, pitfalls and peaks. No doubt that this is one gigantic campus of knowledge which is represented in many parts of the world’s eco system within tech.

In fact, the cultural differences are so massive compared to Oslo, one doesn’t even know where to begin.

People here are really nice. The weather, too! Oh, and the coffee is brilliant. People talk, they love to start a discussion about trends and tech. Not only, but people really know what NFC is, which is great!

However, on the first day, we went to visit Nordic Innovation House, a spot filled with Nordic startups and lots of great talent and knowledge. We met with a dozen of amazing people already, really willing to help us out with connections, leads, beer, strategies and even funding.

Seriously, it took one hour after arrival before we had our first investment offer.

Second day, we went to San Francisco. Amazing place, even though we walked through parts of the city which we probably shouldn’t have been in. Adrenaline, nonetheless.

We dropped by Microsoft Build, to explore the conference activities and leech free Pepsi. People would be mosh up and watch live code battles on monitors across the entire floor like it was Superbowl. Channel 9 would do a live event with relevant topics from within the tech industry. Did you know the Build tickets sold out in 47 minutes – last year?

San Francisco is filled with tech startups from all over the world. Event after event would be about tech this or tech that, and the thing about events is that they’re executed at a really high level!

We also attended 500 Startups’ Weapons of Mass Distribution. Lots of talented people roaming the floors. It felt like a pretty good teaser for what Collision has to offer. Networking was great. Quality of the speakers are at a level we have yet to see back in Norway. WMD fueled my startup-cells with great ideas on how to scale and grow CosyTech.

Before headed to Vegas, we joined up at Stanford University to witness and meet Kathleen Eisenhardt the Stanford W. Ascherman M.D. Professor and Co-Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Had to pick up her book “Simple Rules” as well.

We came here without an agenda, but it seems we’ve quickly adapted to one. CosyTech needs appropriate funding to relocate and launch Trickle right here, in Silicon Valley.

Next update is all about Las Vegas!

CosyTech out!