Dimitris Giannoccaro, Co-Founder IAMIP

Along with five other Nordic companies, Swedish startup IAMIP was one of the participants in TINC Spring 2016.

 Photo: LinkedIn

Photo: LinkedIn

“All the expectations we had, TINC has been even better,” said founder Dimitris Giannoccaro after the session came to its completion. “We are very happily surprised.”

Among the program’s strengths, Dimitris pointed out the mentors’ efforts to guide the companies through personalized advice that allows them the opportunity to truly experience Silicon Valley.  TINC helps improve businesses and let startups get an insight into how VCs think, he said.

“I don’t know where you could find that in the Nordics,” he said about the mentors’ expertise. “They have been doing this for many, many years.”

TINC places special emphasis on understanding each company in terms of its needs, scope and opportunities. For Dimitris, this stood in sharp contrast to his previous experiences in Sweden where the question “why” is seldom asked.

This special regard for understanding the background and aspirations of each company shapes the TINC experience around each startup and provides the participants with concrete guidance on how to further develop their business. “On the webpage you don’t really tell these things,” he said.
But the program also requires effort by the companies in preparation for meetings and working with the tips and advice. “If you invest one hour with the mentors, you need at least one hour to try to digest and implement it in your business," Dimitris said. “We’re exhausted; it has been a tough three weeks.”