Summary - August 2015

Hopefully all of you have had a nice summer, both consisting of new and exciting experiences, and some time relaxing and recharge the batteries. Some of the startups that are present at the Nordic Innovation House, took a break from California and Silicon Valley, to have a taste of our favorite Nordic Summer. Unfortunately, the taste was bittersweet... Sweden actually had the coldest July on record, with an average temperature of 16.5 degrees Celsius. Brrrr! Our Nordic Innovation House measurements are showing something totally different: definitely NO cooling when it comes to Nordic Tech startups establishing activity in Silicon Valley.

In all, 119 companies are now part of the Nordic Collaboration happening at the Nordic Innovation House. Between June - August we have seen a constant stream of new member companies. A big warm welcome to all new Nordic companies, the sky is the limit:

Unacast AS
Greater Than
Flow Insight
Tind Technologies
SA Framtak
Multisense Oy
Zero Keyboard
Beringer Finance
Syncron Inc
Sigma Connectivity
Promotis Oy


To foretell the future is tricky but referring to the latest report (Nordic Funding Analysis) from The Nordic Web the future looks interesting and vibrant. Q2 ended with 70 investments, totaling $812.8 million.

Of these 70 investments, Sweden came in first as 35 of their tech companies received investment. Finland took second place with 16, ahead of Denmark getting 11, while Norway saw 6 and Iceland 2. The average seed round was slightly lower than Q1's, but Series A was significantly higher in Q2 ($5.26M vs. $4M).

We are excited about Q3 and Q4, and as Q2 demonstrates it's certainly looking more than achievable, even if Nasdaq has been a bit volatile the last couple of days.

TechCrunch Disrupt is just around the corner. We are happy to offer a “Nordic Package” to our members, which includes:

  • Full participation in TechCrunch Disrupt – perhaps the most anticipated San Francisco startup event of the year!
  • Invitation to exhibit one-day at Startup Alley in the “Nordic Pavilion”
  • Pitch night on the 22nd of September in San Francisco

Price per startup is USD 1500 (for two participants), compared to full price of USD 1995. Interested? Send an email to Christian Vinther at Innovation Center Denmark.

In October it is time for the next batch of TINC. After a tough vetting process the following companies has been selected and we are proud to present Batch 9:

Drylab R&D AS:
“We make software for film and TV creators, to safeguard artistic intention, save time and make life easier on-set.”

Tise AS: 
“Tise turns your old stuff into treasures, and those treasures into cash."

Metis Production AS:
“Creating new roads for empowering children to excel at STEM subjects”

“We have reinvented business travels”.

Dogu AS: 
“With SalesScreen, we make sales more fun and help sellers surpass their goals by replacing the outdated sales bell and blackboard with a highly customizable SaaS platform.”

Eight Legged Steed Studios AS: 
“Our game will penetrate the global market.”

Paramount Decisions
“Our software help organizations develop transparent, data-driven decisions and allows them to document their decision process for future reference, knowledge transfer, and learning.”

Greenbird Integration Technology
" – the hybrid cloud platform for big data integration empowering the smart grid, smart city and the smart factory."

Peppy Pals
"Peppy Pals provides mobile emotional intelligence games that teach children 2-6 years old about empathy, emotions and collaboration in order to timely prevent bullying."

Glowbal Brain
“Spark is a social network that gets people to transform discussions and ideas into reality.”

“We help companies transform into truly innovative organisations with our intelligent software for social ideation and decision making. Great things happen when we match-make people and ideas.”

“We assist you to quickly comprehend complex contracts with an online contract analysis application helping companies to save time & lower risks.“

"Youin is a location based app that allows you to hang out with friends spontaneously. It is all about meeting friends in real life - now."

A lot of events happen every week. Make a habit of checking out our Facebook page every day to see what is going on at the Nordic Innovation House and in Silicon Valley. For instance we are hosting our first “Meet and Greet Breakfast” (for members only), on Sept 4th. Talking about Facebook; we just passed 3000 followers! Thank you all for liking Nordic Innovation House!

In September we will host a lunch meeting together with SAS when Eivind Roald (Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer of SAS) will visit Silicon Valley. Stay tuned – invitation will be out soon!

Last but not least, the Nordic Innovation House would like to share that Innovation Norway is happy to share additional desks, this time in San Francisco. If you are a member at the Nordic Innovation House you will from now on be able to also work from 81 Langton Street. Send an email to Aurora (our trainee) when you want to book a desk or conference room.

Live well and laugh often!