SUMMARY: March 2015

We have been hit by “March Madness” here in US. For those who might be less familiar with this phenomenon, it is all about college basketball and 11 million people that have put together their own brackets betting on the results…..

At Nordic Innovation House (NIH) we have also had March Madness-feelings when it comes to Nordic Tech startups, we have had All Time High in visitors! Almost 450 people have visited us on Ramona Street in Palo Alto during the month of March! We are so happy that you have found us; the Nordic networking hub, resource center and soft landing space in Silicon Valley.

March started out with The South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival in Austin, TX, which attracted over 51,000 people. SXSW offer the unique industry convergence of music, film and emerging technologies – the premier destination for discovery. Nordic Innovation House sponsored the Nordic bits booth and Nordic events through Arne Tonning and Petter Brovig and you can read the blog report here.

Right after SXSW Cleantech Forum took place in San Francisco. Many Nordic companies visited and NIH had a stream of Swedish companies visiting, as The Swedish Energy Agency had given 11 Swedish startups the opportunity to take part in this exhibition. One company, Scypho visited us and immediately decided to be a member! Welcome-great to have you on board!

In mid March it was time for our House warming Party at the Nordic Innovation House to celebrate that we have expanded our office with additional office space. Many, many thanks to all of you who made this evening such a fantastic event.  And a special Thanks to Enonic, a Norwegian cloud CMS Platform that launched their new Platform at our event. It was incredibly inspirational to now have almost 4000 square feet packed with Nordic Tech Startups exchanging ideas and building their companies. As of end of March we now have nearly 100 companies using our address in the heart of Silicon Valley.

One week after the new office opening, it was our pleasure to host Ms Annie Lööf, Member of the Swedish Parliament, and Leader of the Center Party, and up until recently Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Communication. In her company we met with, Ms Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, currently CEO of Företagarna who soon will transition and become the CEO of the Swedish Venture Capital Association, SVCA. At this event, Vinnova and Företagarnasigned an agreement, to help entrepreneurs and startups from Sweden, by giving them new opportunities to create and establish business in Silicon Valley.

In addition to these well-attended events, we had more groups and companies visiting than ever. For example: Greater Stavanger (lager city and energy and culinology cluster in Norway), Hafslund (Norwegian Utility company), Chalmers Innovation (incubator) SWEA Professional, Making Waves (Digital Innovation Company), IT Forum BodøStockholms Affärsänglar (Business angels) and many more, came to NIH to see, meet and learn from Nordic Tech entrepreneurs and to understand how we help Nordic startups in Silicon Valley.

Finally, we would like to announce the 7 Norwegian and 4 Swedish startups that have passed the needle's eye and earned a spot at the upcoming batch of our Tech Incubator Program – TINC.

Alertsec – is a managed cloud service that helps you protect your organization's data.
Documaster - is a standalone records management system that collects and digitizes your data, while making your data smarter and more valuable.
Flow Insights - is like Google analytics for Brick & Mortar Retail.
Greater Than  - connects you with your car - capturing vital information about your car, driving and routes.
Mydatacards - has developed a cloud based tool for agile teams and professionals who need tailored information and collaboration solutions.
Norsentio  - offers a platform solution for retailers to bridge the online experience with the physical store experiences offering tailored promotions to the consumer.
Nuiteq - has developed a multitouch software suite with powerful applications, bringing excitement to any interactive touch screen of any size.
Roombler - is a cloud based hotel management software accessed through an iPad App.
SunSense - gives you control over your UV exposure.
TIND - providing a software-as-a-service tool for digital asset management based on forefront CERN technology.
Widescribe - Spotify for online news and stories, but with a twist.


TINC is a market validation program for tech startups from Norway and Sweden. It includes a 2 day kick-off in Oslo, followed by 4 weeks on site in Palo Alto. The companies are matched with experienced local mentors, and are encouraged to engage as much as possible with potential clients, partners, investors etc. in order to validate their business for the US/global market.  If you would like to apply to the next batch – have your application ready by May 15.

March has, as you can see, been quite vivid and exciting, and pretty much like March Madness also for the Nordic startups here! 

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Live well and laugh often!