TINC FALL Profiles Ch. 2: TINC for the new and experienced

TINC’s mentors and presentation holders have experience from every level of the business development process. This includes the initial development of product and investment relations, to growing and scaling a well-established company with existing market validation and traction.

This makes TINC suitable for startups in several different situations and with different experiences.

This chapter of TINC Profiles gives a glimpse into the different approaches TINC takes depending on the situation of each participant.

In this chapter: FlowMotionBluestone and Learnifier.

Julie Bauge and Lars Flesland,
Co-founders FlowMotion


Julie Bauge and Lars Flesland are multitasking. In addition to being busy with TINC, the FlowMotion co-founders are also in the process of launching their new smartphone stabilizer, which will be available on November 22.

Safe to say the Norwegian duo are busy. But even though they are in the final stages of product launch, participating in TINC has helped them refine their product and focus their goals.

“We signed up to learns about the American market and how to scale our company,” said Julie. Who pointed out that even in the later stages of development, TINC has been a valuable contribution to product development.

“It’s been very good to get out of the bubble,” added Lars, “we have received valuable feedback that has challenged us to think new and bigger.”

Jon Anders Aas-Haug and Borgar Hestad,
Founder and CEO Bluestone

Unlike the Flowmotion team, which is relatively fresh to the entrepreneur-scene, Jon Anders Aas-Haug of Norwegian company Bluestone is a veteran in the business.

Yet, despite 20 years experience in tech entrepreneurship, the Bluestone founder and CEO Borgar Hestad are still finding significant value in TINC.

“It is helping us to accelerate our new product to the international market,” said Jon Anders. He pointed especially to the program’s ability to offer both a physical and temporal space to buckle down and direct all focus on the business.

Jon Anders is also very happy about having returned to Silicon Valley. “It influences your mindset and energy,” he said. “Nothing seems impossible when you’re here.”

Mattias Borg and Jerker Klang,
Co-founders Learnifier

Jon Anders and Borgar are not the only veterans seeking new impulses through TINC. Co-founders of Swedish company Learnifier, Mattias Borg and Jerker Klang are TINCing for many of the same reasons.

Having already validated their business model in Sweden, Learnifier is looking to become a “global niche player,” said Mattias.

Learnifier offers online training tools for business clients, partners and employees in several segments ranging from leadership to software. As a new and dynamic approach to knowledge-sharing and learning, the product holds many of the same qualities that define both TINC and Silicon Valley.

“I am very impressed by some of the mentors,” said Mattias. “There’s a big difference in being able to experience something and not just knowing about it.”