TINC Fall Profiles Ch. 1: TINCing about Media and Entertainment

TINC Fall is through its third week and we are very proud of the hardworking participants we have had the pleasure to get to know. The TINC profiles will give you a chance to get a glimpse into the individuals behind the companies and their thoughts on their experiences in Silicon Valley so far.

In this chapter: Time to RiotInzpire.me and Friendbase.

Kimberly Larsen,
Founder Time to Riot

After spending years in the media industry, Kimberly Larsen recognized the need to radically change the structure of the business. This was the beginning of Time to Riot, a Norwegian tech-startup working to match freelancers with employers and companies.

“I saw both a lack of available jobs and a lack of freelancers,” said Kimberly. Her ambitious goal is to fix this paradox and improve the efficiency of the media business.

TINC has been both inspiring and challenging, she said. “It’s incredible how well the mentor’s actually works to get to know and understand your company.”

Marie Mostad and Mats Lyngstad,
Co-founders Inzpire.me

Taking a different approach to matchmaking, Marie and Mats co-founders of Norwegian startup Inzpire.me, work to pair influencers with brands.

Joining forces in 2016, Marie and Mats are already experiencing traction outside Norway and work with influencers in 60 countries. The TINC program is further helping them to strengthen their international presence and grow their market.

“We’re learning that there’s not just one solution,” said Mats, “but we are getting great advice and insight into new approaches.”

Marie pointed out the TINC-mentors emphasis on flexibility and adaption. She said, “you are given advice based on their background and perspectives.”

Deborah B. Lygonis,
CEO and Founder Friendbase

Also in the media and entertainment sector, Deborah Lygonis of Swedish Friendbase is a veteran in the startup-scene and business development. 

But even after 20 years experience, Deborah said TINC has given her new input and thoughts on how to grow and develop Friendbase, a virtual world for young people aimed to foster friendship in a safe and fun way.

“I have so many ideas now and so much I want to do,” she said about TINC. In addition to the workshops, mentor sessions and presentations offered directly through TINC, Deborah has taken advantage of the flexibility to explore the rich and dynamic Silicon Valley environment on her own. Having spent only a few weeks in the area, Friendbase has already got new collaborators and connections.

“It has been absolutely mind-blowing,” she said, “being here has widely surpassed my hopes.”