New Cleantech Initiative for collaboration between Silicon Valley and the Nordics

By Katharina Paoli, Program Manager for Nordic Cleantech

 Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

The Nordics are ranked as global leaders on innovative climate solutions and sustainable development. The five countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland are home to one of the most forward and innovative cleantech sectors in the world. Thanks to close collaboration between industry, academia and government the Nordic cleantech sector is blooming and features an innovative and attractive opportunity for international collaboration and growth.

Nordic Innovation House are happy to announce that we will be launching a new Cleantech Initiative 2017.

The new program aims to promote and strengthen Nordic cleantech solutions connecting the Nordic ecosystem for cleantech with Silicon Valley.  The Nordic countries have over the years many times sought to join forces rather than just act as individual nations when promoting our countries in the Bay area.

By focusing more industry specific we hope to form a collaborative platform for Nordic Cleantech and leverage the impact and opportunities for business, innovation, networks and growth. Both for Nordic cleantech startups, the Nordic cleantech industry, government supported initiatives and the ecosystem surrounding it all.

Would you like to take part? We are open for ideas, collaboration and to hear how we can support you. Please contact us for more information and join our facebook group linkto join the network.

Contact our Program Manager, Katharina Paoli for more information.
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