Getting ready for TINC Spring 2017

By Katja Kotala, Community Coordinator and Program Manager at Nordic Innovation House

Picture: TINC Spring 2017 participant companies at the kick-off event in Oslo, Norway

This is what we've been waiting for...

The sun is out and flowers are blooming, this must mean it is spring - TINC Spring 2017! In a week Nordic Innovation House is going to be buzzing with an energetic group of Nordic entrepreneurs who are ready to make a difference. They have done a lot of work to be here, but the best (or worst) is yet to come. TINC is an intensive 4-week accelerator program, designed to take Nordic startups for a ride after which they will never be the same.


“It’s like a crash-course for startups”
“It influences your mindset and energy”
“Nothing seems impossible when you’re here”

These are just some of the ways previous TINC participants have described the program. We see it everytime, the entrepreneurs get pumped up with the Silicon Valley vibes and go through a transformation of bringing their product, business, and mindset to the next level. Nordic Innovation House serves as a hub for these innovative ideas, and we are always excited to get the TINCers distrupting life in Palo Alto. If you have a Nordic startup and want to join the fun, apply for the TINC Fall 2017 here:

Meet the startups

Here are short introductions of the nine amazing TINC Spring 2017 companies. Rest assured, you will be hearing a lot more about them during the upcoming weeks - not to mention once they have taken over Silicon Valley!

1928 Diagnostics’ SaaS is a one system approach for hospitals to trace and diagnose antibiotic resistant bacteria. The SaaS ALEX revolutionizes infection diagnostics by enabling complete diagnosis in hours instead of days or weeks.


Authenteq eliminates identity fraud and scams online by issuing you a government grade biometric digital passport on your smartphone. The Authenteq ID is kept on the blockchain and only the user has access to it. The user has total control and ownership over his own ID and data.

Data Dwell equips sales teams with enablement tools to close more deals. Data Dwell provides sales reps with the automated intelligence to match the most targeted marketing collateral at each stage of the sales cycle.


Mavenoid helps organizations troubleshoot machines in minutes, with super-human accuracy, by combining sensor data with asking people intelligent questions.


Shoreline automates their customer's mission critical daily operational planning with their smart AI platform, increasing profits by millions of dollars every year.


Smart Plants is a full-stack IoT company working with industrial IT-solutions. They empower buildings owners to make better business decisions by collecting and processing data that already exist in their physical assets.

Vibble is a music app that helps people stop listening to music and start playing with it. Vibble let's you add cool sounds and effects from popular artists and genres, mix between songs and have fun with your favorite playlists, just by swiping a finger.


Winningtemp is an app that visualizes people’s development and wellbeing in an organization. By using artificial intelligence Winningtemp can identify and intervene stress, anxiety and depression. Winningtemp helps managers to save time by getting insights on what to prioritize in their leadership.

Wiral is making amateur filming look professional, by introducing new angles to filming in challenging environments. This camera system runs on a rope with the help of an remotely controlled motor. It gives you close up, follow camera shots in locations where drones are impractical, dangerous or worst case illegal. Wiral helps action sport athletes and videographers capture their most extreme moments in a dynamic and easy way.

Stay tuned to follow these amazing companies as the program goes on!