Get ready for TINC Fall 2016!

With less than a week to go, the countdown for TINC Fall 2016 has officially begun.

On Monday October 24, ten Nordic tech startups will attend the 11th TINC Silicon Valley program in Palo Alto. The startups will spend four weeks in Silicon Valley attending workshops, mentoring sessions and events offered in the program as well as meetings with potential partners, customers and investors. We are very excited and looking forward to welcoming everyone here to Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley.

Anticipation and Networking

“We look forward to meeting inspiring people and getting a kick in the right direction,” says prospective participant Julie Hella Bauge from Norwegian FlowMotion Technologies.

Being part of the young entrepreneur-scene in Norway, Julie knows many people who have previously attended TINC Silicon Valley and gained valuable knowledge and insight into business development on a global scale. “Everybody recommends it,” Julie says.

Julie takes the program seriously and has already been in the Bay Area a month to establish relationships and networks in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. “You never know who you’ll meet when you’re in Silicon Valley,” she says.

Learning to build and scale

Among the former participants still in Silicon Valley is Nicolaj Broby Petersen of Megacool. He participated in the TINC program during the winter session in 2013.

The greatest benefit from the program, Nicolaj says, is the skills and knowledge available from TINC’s experienced mentors and advisors. He especially emphasizes the importance of understanding how to go from just having a product to having a full business.

“TINC helped us develop new and bigger goals and working actively towards it,” he says.

Preparations and hard work

TINC is always a hectic and exciting period at Nordic Innovation House, 

“Its kind of like Christmas, 4th of July , and May 17th all at once the day we welcome a new batch of TINCers,” says TINC Program Director Åse Pettersen Bailey.

Since 2012 almost 100 companies and more than 150 entrepreneurs have attended the program. We are thrilled to be able to make an impact and assist in the journey of so many amazing Nordic entrepreneurs. We are also very happy to welcome Icelandic companies to the program for the first time this fall. 


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