Get “the legal stuff” right from the start

By Olivia Gorajewski, Maria Ingelsson, and Sara Maxence


Ok, so you’re a Nordic company who just arrived on the US Market, or maybe you are still thinking about entering the US Market. Feeling a bit nervous? What about world-wide US taxation and million dollar law suits? Not sure what questions you need to ask your US advisors? Not even clear on who’s the right advisor to ask?


Let us introduce Founded by three Swedes – two lawyers and one marketer – with our own experiences from starting up a business in the US. Sure, we made some mistakes of our own, but we also learned a lot along the way. Creating this community based website is our way of paying it forward. One thing we know is that if you don't get the legal and administrative parts in place early on it might come back to bite you later on, causing delays in execution, funding and sales.

Legal guidance

We won’t give you all the answers, but we will point you in the right direction. The heart of the website is its blog posts, written by our US lawyer friends, focusing on the questions we continuously get asked about by Nordic companies setting up shop in Silicon Valley. We have created the website we ourselves would have wanted to find when we first came here. In short, we’d like to give your business a head start!

We want to make the “go-to place” for anyone considering entering the US market. It’s for the CEO preparing the Board of Directors pitch for US entry, the VP of Sales getting inspired by a new multi-billion market, and for the cofounders around the kitchen table who believe that the Nordics is just too small for their world-changing solution.

We want this community to help bridge the legal gap between the Nordics and Silicon Valley, and create a platform for connectivity, learning and experience sharing. We want to ensure that “the legal stuff” never stands in the way for your expansion to the other side of the Atlantic!

Olivia, Maria and Sara



Weekly “Ask-the-Lawyer”


Starting on November 7, we will be at the Nordic Innovation House on Ramona Street in Palo Alto, every Tuesday 10 am to 12 pm (PST). If you have any questions regarding establishing your company in the US, feel free to ping us, or simply stop by! You will find our contact information on

Launch Party October 26 at NIH

We are throwing a launch party for on October 26th at the Nordic Innovation House. We will serve light food and drinks and Richard Söderberg, former patent lawyer for Tesla, will share his experiences and discuss why start-ups need to get things right from day one. We will also host a panel with some of the most interesting Nordic start-ups in the Bay. They will share their war stories – the good and the bad of failing fast in Silicon Valley.

Sign up for the event here!