TINCing Ahead

By Ingvild Sørlie, Intern at Innovation Norway San Francisco

 TINC Fall 2017 companies at the September kick-off in Oslo

TINC Fall 2017 companies at the September kick-off in Oslo

TINC Fall 2017 is here! Or almost. With less than a week to go the anticipation is growing and the last pieces are falling into place. With the fantastic kick-off in Oslo a month ago still in mind, eleven talented companies are preparing to take Silicon Valley by storm. And the team at Nordic Innovation House is ready and eager to help them do just that. 

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what TINC is, it is an intensive 4-week accelerator program, designed to take Nordic startups for a ride after which they will never be the same. The startups will spend the four weeks in Silicon Valley attending workshops, mentoring sessions and events offered in the program as well as meetings with potential partners, customers and investors.

Every time new TINCers come to town, the Nordic Innovation House turns into a hectic and lively chaos. The TINC-team wouldn’t have it any other way. “Its kind of like Christmas, 4th of July , and May 17th all at once the day we welcome a new batch of TINCers,” says TINC Program Director Åse Pettersen Bailey. 

Are you wondering which awesome companies are arriving in the valley this fall? Read the short introduction about the eleven participating companies and stay tuned for much more inspiring TINCing!

Coala_R_7cm logo.png

The Coala is a CE-approved medical device system approved for home use. A wireless and cloud-based service that allows anyone, anywhere to quickly analyze their heart powered by smart algorithms. Coala is developed to enable early detection of heart disease, alleviate worries and help understand when you need or don’t need to see a doctor.

DROSHI logo.png

Droshi is the largest Scandinavian drop shipping service for e-retailers and vendors. They are building an European version of Alibaba "with a twist". Droshi is a b2b market place for suppliers and retailers made to find each other easier and to sell more mostly with drop shipping.

Fons Juris logo.png

Fons Juris is a legal research platform that enables legal professionals and law students to quickly search in a wide variety of legal content. Fons Juris combines open legal resources and proprietary legal information, creating a research platform for lawyers helping them serve their clients better. They want to do that for other markets.


Headshed Cube is a full-featured tool for sales, telemarketing and call centers. Integrated softphone and messaging, real time segmentation, performance monitoring and real time analysis. There's something missing in sales and marketing. Headshed delivers a smarter sales system that provides businesses with more product sales using less resources while customers experience less noise and more relevant communication. How? Just ask.

Learnlink logo hr.png

Learnlink is a marketplace for tutoring, with the focus on middle school and high school students. They inspire children's love of math and science, by providing tutors they admire. As they collect data about how the children learn, Learnlink dynamically finds each child's optimal teaching method and motivation.

Price Edge High Resolution logo.png

PriceEdge helps companies implement modern pricing methodologies using their own unique pricing software - PriceEdge. They help companies earn larger profits by improving their pricing. Priceedge wants to do what HubSpot have done for marketing in pricing.


Prindit is a cloud-based platform that uses measurements and analytics to boost team performance. Prindit provides a simple service to measure and improve employee engagement and productivity through real-time analytics, smart feedback and measurable improvements.

Sweetzpot logo.png

SweetZpot develops innovative products to help top athletes improve. Their sensors are unique in the market and together with their exclusive apps, they are the perfect combination to boost athletes' performance. Increase your performance and get vital data by measuring breathing every time you work out, not by using a mask but through a chest strap. This technology also applies for improved health rehabilitation measuring breathing.

Ticketbird logo.png

Ticketbird is an online customer support service (SaaS) that helps companies deliver excellent customer service, improve knowledge transfer and increase conversions. Ticketbird is based on an AI-powered knowledge base that makes it easy for companies to save knowledge from all questions and answers, to be re-used by anyone in the organization.

Viska - Pantone 7625 - Transparent background.png

Viska is an AI powered knowledge game on mobile. Viska personalizes training using each employee’s knowledge history and learning speed. Employees learn on their own, without the help of an education manager. The employee learning game offers interactive micro-courses (like gamified Snapchat/Instagram Stories) to train employees and uses AI to make sure that knowledge persists.