Ready to change and challenge


Hello Silicon Valley! A place with so much to offer. Opportunities, brains, capital, network and a relentless curiosity, so you might ask yourself, what do Nordic businesses have to bring to the table? Quite a lot, actually, and we’re excited that it’s highly valued over here. 

We come from a part of the world where rough natural conditions from early on taught us not to take anything for granted. We had to work hard, collaborate and be imaginative to achieve things in life, both for ourselves and together. Trust, equality and respecting other peoples’ opinion are deeply rooted values, and we’re ready to change and to challenge authorities to reach new answers. That’s how we live, and that’s how we do business. 

Our story began in 2011 when Innovation Norway established a soft landing space in the heart of Palo Alto for Norwegian tech startups. The goal was to offer Norwegian companies a workspace and to connect them with the unique entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

The project gained the attention of other Nordic countries, and by joining forces we believe we can better achieve our common goal of strengthening the Nordic presence and value creation in the highly competitive Silicon Valley environment.

In the fall of 2014, we relaunched as Nordic Innovation House and displayed an exceptional example of five countries coming together over shared values and interests. With a “just-do-it” spirit, we support each other and our companies in creating a recognised brand that has become a model for other organisations around the world.

In 2017, Nordic Innovation House expanded its concept to New York, the East Coast’s largest and fastest growing entrepreneurial tech hub.  In collaboration with WeWork, we will provide Nordic Startups with the same exceptional soft landing services and access to New York’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.



Nordic Partners

Nordic Innovation House is co-funded by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic Country Government Agencies
responsible for business growth within their respective countries: Innovation Norway, Vinnova, Business Finland, Innovation Center Iceland, and Innovation Center Denmark.