Alertsec is the easiest way to ensure that any data stored on a laptop is encrypted at all times and kept secure even if the device is lost or stolen. 


Our business idea of an hybrid between Kickstarter and a IT-Consultancy. We work with development of ideas and visions for our employees every day, our staff is a complete fullstack crew and could develop almost anything. 


AppsCo is an advanced IAM (Identity Access Management) solution. Your new startpage!


BehavioSec presents the latest in real-time security through the ability to monitor the way users interact with their device.


Blockbonds strives to create a world where everyone can manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way.


Civil Rights Defenders is an international human rights organisation, founded in 1982 in Stockholm, Sweden. We defend people’s civil and political rights and empower human rights defenders in Sweden and globally.


Encap provides multi-factor, smarter authentication and digital signing for the enterprise and banking sectors.


Double you sales with e-signing! Best sales tool for electronic signatures and sales document automation.


Greater Than disrupt the car insurance market, offering lower prices in a pay as you drive per trip policy; for drivers that wish to pay for usage and share cost with like-minded only, enabled by our core tech that assess risk per trip and individual driver, in real-time. Fair and transparent rather than traditional policies with pricing based on discriminating statistics on what group you belong to.


Handpoint, the mobile payment experts since 1999, offer payment solutions to individuals and businesses world wide.


Iperial is intellectual property rights protection for the connected world. Our approach to rights protection is fully automated, massively scalable and very secure. It protects all kinds of digital information and is designed to be able to register sensitive, secret information without compromizing privacy.


Bringing you a login experience: To protect your control for privacy, To enable your freedom of identity.


Shoutly is a platform that allows bloggers and social media users to use their influence to earn money from sharing something they love. So far, we have helped creative individuals in 50+ countries turn their passion into profits.


United Sun Systems has developed a game-changing technology in solar energy and is now ready for commercialization.


Zapflow is a power tool for professional investors purpose-built for dealflow, deal and portfolio management. It gives you more control, helps make better decisions and save you tons of time & stress.


At Zwipe we challenge the status quo of authentication, which is often too complicated and designed based on the needs of the technology, not the user.